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Books by or about Nick Cave

Morgan note:
All links go to However, I do not have a partnership agreement to sell books. I think you should look around and get the best deal. The reason you see these links is because I go there to read the publisher reviews and the customer comments. Oftentimes, these are most enlightening. It’s fascinating to read how people explain Nick Cave’s appeal; and how they came to appreciate his work. I love the lively, creative ways that writers deconstruct a particular album, especially those offering track by track analysis. Many customers just get down to business and give practical recommendations on what to buy and why and that’s quite useful.
~ MW.

Nick Cave Anthology (Paperback)
By Nick Cave, Wise Publications (August 27, 2001)

King Ink (Paperback)
By Nick Cave, 2.13.61 Publications (June 1990)

Kicking Against the Pricks: An Armchair Guide to Nick Cave (Paperback)
By Amy Hanson, Helter Skelter Publishing (January 2006)

The Life And Music Of Nick Cave (Paperback)
By Maximilian Dax, Johannes Beck, Robert, editors Klanten, and Max Dax (Nov 1999)

Nick Cave: The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures (Paperback)
By Robert Brokenmouth, Omnibus Pr (August 1996)

Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick Cave (Paperback)
By Ian Johnston, Little, Brown Book Group (October 1, 1996)

Fish in a Barrel: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on Tour (Paperback)
By Peter Milne, 2.13.61 Publications (July 1994)

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