Nick Cave snippets

Nick Cave and wife Suzy Bick, with 7-year-old twin sons, Arthur and Earl, shopping in Sydney.

Lots of ‘in case you missed it’ type tidbits:


“It turned into a shoe-staring contest. Some things you’re not prepared for, and that was one of them.” NICK CAVE upon meeting BOB DYLAN at the Glastonbury Festival 16/03/2008

“There’s some people at the moment, you can see them dying before your eyes. And it’s not the f**king drugs. They’re being destroyed by the murderous tabloid attention.” NICK CAVE feels sorry for female celebrities. 17/03/2008

Rocker NICK CAVE has `stolen’ his twins’ Christmas organ so he can make joyful music. The dark Aussie singer-songwriter admits his seven-year-old kids’ toy piano, complete with a “boom-kchh, boom-kchh” beat track is ideal for helping him compose tracks. He tells Britain’s Mojo magazine, “I took it off them and wrote four or five songs on that. You can’t write anything that isn’t joyous on this f**king thing.” 16/03/2008

(Thanx to Contact Music for photo and quotes.)


Old Nick
Interview by Simon Hattenstone
Saturday February 23, 2008
The Guardian

Nick Cave is sitting behind his desk, long of limb and droopy of tache. He’s wearing a suit, of course. Super-smart. And yet there’s something distinctly spivvy about him. I feel as if I’m being interviewed for a job by a secondhand car salesman in a John Waters film. But instead of cars, Cave is flogging film scripts, novels, lectures and, of course, music (Read it.)


In case you missed this gem, here is a two-part ‘edited extract’ from The Complete Lyrics 1978-2001, by Nick Cave (Penguin), published online at, Books section, Saturday April 21, 2001.

Like most of us, Nick Cave has fallen in love a fair few times. Unlike most, he writes songs about it: sad, angry, violent songs. For the song to be true, he says, it has to recognise the potential for pain behind every love.
Love is the drug (part 1)
Love is the drug (part 2)

Have a great day, Nick Fiends,

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