Nick Cave’s mad mix of music, humor, style

Opinions/CD Reviews/Interviews:

Pitchfork Record Review: Dig Lazarus Dig!!!
By Stephen Deusner (Pitchfork 4-7-08)

This is how rock musicians are supposed to age. At 50, Nick Cave’s hairline is receding, but he’s turned that setback into a “look,” growing out his locks and cultivating the coolest mustache in the industry. Over 30 years, first with the Birthday Party and then with the Bad Seeds, he has refined his lurid growl and lascivious subject matter– the usuals: sex, death, God, murder, redemption, all in the most brutal and salaciously poetical terms possible– without losing any of his charisma or menace.

Quick Spins: DIG!!! LAZARUS DIG!!!
By David Malitz (Washington Post 4-8-08)

“This is high-class rock-and-roll made by musicians who relish getting dirty.”

Cave Lets His Humor Do the Talking
By Brett McCabe (The New York Sun 4-8-08):

“Everything about the album feels like a potential cheeky joke…”

No Caving In
By Mary Huhn, (New York Post 4-8-08)

“Gloomy post-punk rocker Nick Cave is digging through the pockets of his dashing dark suit looking for his pink hairnet…”

Phases and Stages: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (Anti-)
By Raoul Hernandez (Austin Chronicle 4-4-08)

“Took Lazarus himself to raise the best Bad Seeds disc since 1994’s Let Love In.”

Nick Cave, bespokesman?:
Eccentric as he is known to be, Cave lives in the workaday uniform
By Cristina Black (special to Metromix 3-31-08)

And finally – two retrospective interviews:

Prick Me Do I Not Bleed: Nick Cave Vs. The Music Press
By Mat Snow (NME, 23 August 1986) in Rock’s Backpages

Let there be light
By Patrick Wilcken (The Telegraph, 2001)

For more interviews, 1983-2001, go here.

That’s it for today – have a great weekend, Cave Fiends!

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