Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! – tour and album reviews

Recent Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds tour /album reviews:

Alexis Petridis
Saturday May 10, 2008
The Guardian

There can be no doubt that Nick Cave is navigating the choppy waters of middle-aged rock stardom in an entirely unprecedented way. READ IT.

Simon Price
Sunday, 11 May 2008
The Independent

You used to hear stories about Nick Cave. At my first music mag, Melody Maker, one of the editorial hierarchy used to enjoy telling the lurid tale of how he was once woken by his doorbell at stupid o’clock in the morning and opened the door to find the singer – then at the height of his hard drugs phase – standing there, slumped unconscious with his forehead pressed against the button. Now, whether this story was true, exaggerated, or a complete fabrication, it illustrates the perception of Cave when the Bad Seeds first formed. READ IT.

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
by Sam Roudman | 05.16.2008

Nick Cave is incomparable. There’s just no matching him for the intensity of his nearly 30-year-long confrontation with the likes of love, sex, God, the morality of the West and the grotesquery of the gothic South. That said, he’s had his peaks and valleys, with some of his ’90s work coming across as dark lounge sleaze or a parade of Sopranos theme-song rejects. But given the sky-wide arc of his career all the way back from his post-punk emergence in the romping burlesque of The Birthday Party, Cave’s harder-to-swallow meanderings as a romantic dramatist seem like more of an attempt to hone in than to put one over. The honing is abundantly evident on Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, which should be acknowledged as a highlight in the Bad Seeds 15-album oeuvre. READ IT.

Nick Cave Photo courtesy of Contact Music.

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4 thoughts on “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! – tour and album reviews

  1. hi morgan,

    i think i worded that rather badly. what i meant was nick ended up singing it and making it the single that started to get them noticed. nick could barely play that guitar in those days. so rowland only sang shivers (from memory lol) on that night not the whole set as i may have had you believe. sorry about that.

  2. Hi Debra,

    You’re welcome. It’s great to hear that you were at the 1978 gig. Lots of history there. Thanks for the link – I’ve seen the Shivers video with Rowland singing lead. Very interesting to see Nick in the background being goofy and rather unprofessional.

    Odd thing about the dates when Rowland joined BND. I just finished reading Ian Johnston’s Bad Seed (1995) and he’s got this to say about ‘Shivers’:

    “Towards the end of the year [1978] Rowland S. Howard officially joined The Boys Next Door, who for some months had been playing in performance his composition
    ‘Shivers’, a number heavily featured in The Young Charlatans’ set” (pg 57).”

    There’s no doubt, in this account, that Nick had already been BND’s lead singer before Rowland joined. According to Johnston, Rowland saw them play at Swinburne and it was there he introduced Nick to Anita Lane. So my question: did Rowland sing ‘Shivers’ because he wrote it? Did he sing the entire BND set at Tiger Lounge? Was this usual?

    I’m not sure why the international press avoids Nick’s beginnings in BND. He set them straight at the ARIA awards, at least. Some ideas: 1) lazy journalism 2) BND were an Australian band 3) it’s a plot to humililate Rowland S. Howard.(Just being cheeky on that last one.)

    Any additional info would be great.
    Thanks again for commenting.

    Yours, Morgan

  3. hi morgan,

    thanks for posting up these reviews. i always wonder why – in the international press – nicks first band “boys next door” are hardly ever mentioned and that “the birthday party” are often cited as nicks first band. here is a link [boys next door – shivers](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIDr3F0qrcM&feature=user) featuring rowland s howard on vocals and nick playing guitar. i was at this gig at the tiger lounge in 1978. nick later went on to sing vocals and shivers was released as a single.

    kind regards

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