A Nick Cave love song fix

I linked to this Jools Holland clip last week. After another viewing, I’m embedding it with the lyrics after. If someone asks you who Nick Cave is, show them this. Also, for those of you who read my personal essays, here’s the latest:

True Confession #56 – by Morgan Wolf, June 10, 2008.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jesus Of The Moon (Live)

I stepped out of the St. James Hotel
I’d left y/ behind curled up like a child
well, a change is gonna come
& as the door whispered shut
I walked on down the high-windowed hall

y/ lay sleeping on the unmade bed
the weatherman on the television
in the St. James Hotel said
that the rains are gonna come
& I stepped out on the streets/ all sparkling clean
w/ the early morning dew

maybe it was you or maybe it was me?
y/ came on like a punch in the heart
y/ lying there w/ the light on yr hair
like a jesus on the moon
a jesus of the planets and the stars

well I kept thinking about what the weatherman said
& if the voices of the living can be heard by the dead
well, the day is gonna come
when we find out & in some kinda way
I take a little comfort from that (now & then)

cause people often talk about being scared of change
but for me I’m more afraid of things staying the same
cause the game is never won
by standing in any one place for too long

maybe it was y/ or maybe it was me
but there was a chord in y/ I could not find to strike
y/ lying there with all the light in y/ hair
like a jesus of the moon
a jesus of the planets & the stars

I see the many girls walking down the empty streets
& maybe once or twice one of them smiles at me
y/ can’t blame anyone
for saying hello/I say hey, I say hello, I say hello

will it be me or will it be y/?
one must stay & one must depart
y/ lying there in a St. James Hotel bed
like a Jesus of the moon
a Jesus of the planets & the stars

I say hello/ hello/ hello

Lyrics copied from the booklet insert for Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Complete with Nick Cave’s punctuation/spelling/syntax.
— Morgan, on edit

(Thx to theoriginalmilo for video.)

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