Nick Cave News Fix – 24th June 2008

Nick Cave arrives at The Hoping Foundation‘s ‘Karaoke With the Stars’ Benefit in London, June 19, 2008. Cave sang, “He’s The Greatest Dancer“, the 1979 hit by Sister Sledge.
Nick Cave, Karaoke With the Stars Event, June 19, 2008
Nick Cave at Karaoke With the Stars June 19, 2008
Nick Cave arrives at Karaoke With the Stars June 19, 2008
She's down there for his soulLast year’s winning bidder shows Nick her gratitude.
Nick Cave ConjuringNick Cave news tidbits:

Nick Cave plans to publish a 40 page, four-inch hardcover book on the making of Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!:

“It is a curiosity that deals with the preparation and final glorious outcome of a project that began on the back of an envelope, a literal ‘scrap’ of an idea and ended up evolving into a genuine cultural icon and classic rock’n’roll song,” said Cave. “The song, which is a comic re-imagining of the Lazarus myth (placing the recently ‘risen’ Lazarus in ’70s New York City), is accompanied by an eight-foot-square light sculpture, employing over 750 light bulbs, built by Webster and Noble.” (

BBC Press Office has just announced NICK CAVE NIGHT, Friday 4 July, 9.30pm-12.20am on BBC FOUR. The first hour will feature a special set by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at LSO St Luke’s in London. The set will include classic songs as well as new songs from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! The next hour will be a re-broadcast of 1999’s ‘Songwriter’s Circle’, featuring Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde and John Cale. The last hour will be ‘Nick Cave On Later… With Jools Holland’, featuring a compilation of “classic Nick Cave moments” — solo, with the Bad Seeds, Shane MacGowan, and with Grinderman. Lucky UK fans!

Grinderman updates:

In case you wondered, Grinderman will be back in the studio to create another CD for release in 2009. Cave’s main concern is that Grinderman’s sophomore release not sound anything like the last Bad Seeds record:

“The thing about Grinderman was that we just threw out the (debut) record and we made it very quickly. We wondered about it’s affect on us and it was hugely important on The Bad Seeds.”

Grinderman, which consists entirely of members of The Bad Seeds, is a project that Cave professes will never have to lose its creative freedom.

“The thing that Grinderman will remain committed to is that it doesn’t matter; if the whole thing goes belly-up and if people really hate it then we don’t care because we have the Bad Seeds anyway so that gives us an enormous amount of freedom to go and spend three months in Bulgaria or something.”

Cave is set to use his Grinderman’s festival appearances as a way of getting in the right frame of mind for recording their new album, which is currently pencilled in for a 2009 release.

“We’re going out in a playing mode so we can get in the mood for making the new record, that’s why we’re doing the live stuff.” (Source: GIGWISE )

Amusing anecdotes from years past:

From 2003 – Nick’s twins at play:

Nick Cave: “I’m constantly surprised by what they get up to. I went to their bedroom about a month ago and they were both standing on the bed stiff as statues. With one arm raised they were falling flat on their faces. I asked my wife what they were doing and she said, ‘The fall of SADDAM.’ When they finished one would take off his shoe and hit the other over the head.”

From 2003 – Nick on Kylie:

After he heard about Justin Timberlake’s backstage grope at the British Music Awards Cave said, “If I had a flyswatter I’d have swatted him away, touching her like that. I would never have done anything of that nature. I’m a decent human being.”

I hope that you enjoyed today’s ‘Nick Fix’!

Best wishes to all,

PS: I just read Chris Lo’s blogpost and left a *humorous* response.

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