Nick Cave News – July 11, 2008

Nick Cave, kicking it with Grinderman, Roskilde, Denmark

(Tx to nagyhajubanya)

GRINDERMAN – ‘Honeybee’
King Alfred Ballroom, Hove. 2nd July 2008

This is Grinderman’s rehearsal space, near Nick’s house in Hove. Last week, the band invited the locals to attend and a lucky 270 or so people got in. What I’m including is the only live footage I’ve seen – total pandemonium.

Thx to fabcab01

With G-Man out there touring, now is an excellent time to revisit one of last year’s reviews of their eponymous album and the band’s initial impact.

Grinderman: The Peculiar and the Grotesque
By Sara Saljoughi, (, April 2007

The unthinkable has happened – women have abandoned Nick Cave. “She’s been set free for awhile to go and do her thing,” Cave says wryly. “The male is left behind and dissected with the dull and rusty scalpel of my wit.” This is Nick Cave nearing his sixth decade: novelist, screenwriter and genius behind the Birthday Party, the Bad Seeds and a decade’s worth of solo work, complaining about how he can’t get any. Begging for it in fact, at least if we’re to take the first single from his new band Grinderman as autobiography. GO TO ARTICLE.


Back Catalog Remasters/Reissues:

According to MUTE, remasters of the first four Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds albums, From Her To Eternity, The First Born Is Dead, Kicking Against The Pricks and Your Funeral, My Trial will be out by the end of the year. Each will be packaged in a two-disc set, including both the remastered stereo mix and new 5.1 surround sound mix, accompanied by a ‘specially commissioned short film’ created by UK artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, and b-sides of the related singles and ‘exclusive sleeve notes’. READ MORE

Nick Cave on the newest DLD single, ‘Midnight Man’:

“It’s basically a guy looking at his woman and half of the time he’s the protector and at other times he’s the villain and she betrays him and doesn’t betray and he’s jealous and not jealous. It’s very lean and there’s a nice sense of threat within the song.”

Creative description of Nick Cave at LSO St Luke’s

“Like some demonic, moustachioed preacher in loon pants, the revitalised Cave seems in his element during an electrifying, electrified Bad Seeds session … Dancing louchely on the edge of the stage, pointing his finger accusingly at members of his congregation (some leaping up to dance worshipfully) before jumping down among them, Cave gives a gripping, knowingly absurd and quite brilliant performance.” James Jackson, Times Online (July 4, 2008)

Excellent place to segue to my last entry –

What does Mike Tyson have to do with Nick Cave? Something about a bronze statue in the town square, being in competition with a dingo, and Kylie’s gold lame hotpants.

In all seriousness (and I think this statue business is serious, not Nick’s idea of a joke), music lecturer Barry Hill thinks a giant statue of the rock star on his high horse is an ‘interesting metaphor’ for Nick Cave’s life and career and will provide Australia with a musical hero to look up to. So far, his home town of Warracknabeal haven’t agreed to pay for the statue but they are considering its merits as a potentially hot tourist attraction. For his part, Cave is enthusiastically drumming up local sentiment in his favor.

“Russell Crowe, my mate, has promised to attend,” he wrote. “Snoop Dogg, a rapper, says he’ll come if they let him into the country. [And] Kylie Minogue said she wouldn’t miss it for the world.” — from Nick Cave’s email to Wimmera Mail Times, on his proposed statue’s unveiling ceremony

Morgan note: I found this in one of the papers.

Artist’s Rendering of Nick Cave on Horseback

To those of you cursing because you just sprayed coffee all over your monitors, I take a bow. EEEK ::Dodging rotten eggs and other uglies::

Here’s something special to make it better:

The God Himself, in Thongs (Athens)

Tx to Papitsa!

Cheers, my lovelies. Hope you enjoyed your Nick Fix!

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5 thoughts on “Nick Cave News – July 11, 2008

  1. Ha Ha Ha!

    Nagyhajubanya must be Hungarian too! Her name is very funny in hungarian: means: hag with big hair

    Thanx for the wonderful HOT pics of Nick, Morgan

  2. We used to call them thongs when I was a kid! At some point, they became flip-flops. I’ll change the text to ‘thongs’ – it’s only right. Thanks for setting me straight!

    Yeah, I bet you would’ve grabbed him, naughty Debra. 🙂 I heard that Hove show was riotous. Such a small venue for Nick – and what a fabulous surprise for the locals!

    When Nick works with Grinderman, he turns up the wattage and a girl can take just so much! (Flame on! lol) From what I’ve read so far about the Grinderman shows, lots of people are counting them as “the best show” they’ve seen or “the best Nick Cave show” they’ve seen. GAWD.

    Don’t miss the very hot clip I put at Morgan’s Musings to accompany this post: Mistuh Grinderman is back

    Sigh. It’s a sunny, bright Sunday noon and here I am sitting inside writing about NICK CAVE. Says it all, I guess.

  3. oh my (fans self)….. if i had been at that gig and he was begging “won’t somebody touch me” i would have obliged and stung him in to a most passionate demise………


  4. flip flops in aussie lingo are “thongs”. they are like an aussie national icon. 🙂 nice to see nick having a little bit of his homeland with him as with that St. Kilda T shirt he has been wearing of late.


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