Kill That Woman – Pink Pop Part 2

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Live at Pink Pop Festival Part 2
June 1, 1990

Tx to zombiholocaust

Even with equipment malfunctions, this is a wonderful addition to the archives of Nick Cave appearances taped in the 80s and 90s.

Kill that Woman (John Lee Hooker song) – a damn fine vocal. I swear he’s crying tears; it’s not sweat. Look at 4.20 to 4.30. A tear is sliding down his face.

The Weeping Song – not a bad duet, they look great together. 6.15 to 6.31 Nick sings the wrong line but Blixa carries on and Nick smiles at his goof.

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4 thoughts on “Kill That Woman – Pink Pop Part 2

  1. Hi Carlos,

    Welcome! Yes, the deluxe releases will each come with a short film on fan responses to the songs on that particular album. The first four are due out next year, and the filming begins this August. Interesting project. I look forward to it, although I’ll have to take another job to find the money to pay for all of it.


  2. Thanks for confirming, Deb.

    I thought that’s what I saw last time I viewed this clip. During The Ship Song clip he is so choked up he can hardly get the notes out. Watch it and see what you think.

    Pink Pop Festival Part 7

    Yes, they are breathtaking to watch. My favorite ‘look’ for both men is quite close to this time period (1990-1992). Blixa is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous here. Nick? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as anything but drop-dead gorgeous, even now, with his receding hairline and ‘tache. As Marianne put it, a ‘Walking God’.

  3. i agree morgan, that is definately a tear. they both look absolutely stunning. breath taking in fact.


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