Weekly Fix: Rare Nick Cave Vids

Cave Fans, I’ve got some fixes for ya! Yeah, it’s been pretty dry this summer, here at NCF, but you’all haven’t been deprived. The Nickster’s been parading his sexy ass all over the world with tBS and G-Man. Just so ya know, I’ll be coming back soon to resume a weekly posting schedule.

*waving to all mah people* ~ Morgan

Meanwhile – here are two ‘rare’ vids from YouTube.

Boys Next Door – Secret Life (live 1978) Preston Tech
St. George’s Road, Melbourne
28 April 1978 (pre-Rowland)

Flat out marvelous! Listen to Mick Harvey’s blistering guitar solo!
(This one’s for Deb, who actually attended this gig!)

tx to LukaszPi1

The Birthday Party – Deep in The Woods
(location/date unknown – not great quality, but it’s rare)

tx to LukaszPi1

Other stuff —

Nick Cave Interview – Writing ‘Murder Ballads’

Very interesting interview – Cave talks about being labeled a misogynist and that many of his songs were written to ‘punish a certain woman’. Further, he says he has, in fact, sat down and thought about murdering women. Well, I’m assuming this has passed, Nick. :S (FYI: the poster has this date at 1980s, which is impossible, since he wrote and recorded MB in 1995. S’okay.)

Nick Cave Interview – Ghosts of the Civil Dead (1988)

Nick Cave – TV Interview RPM Club Toronto, Canada (circa 1989)

Nick Cave – MTV Interview (1983)
Hilarious! Must watch!

Grinderman – Man in the Moon, Treacle Sessions (May 2007)

Grinderman – When My Love Comes Down, Treacle Sessions (May 2007)


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