Nick Cave in San Francisco

Updated: 22 Jan 2010 (mw)

Nick Cave @ The Warfield –  San Francisco, September 20, 2008
(Review, more photos at Live

(Photo by seanfrisco; view the entire set at: seanfrisco’s photo archive)


7 thoughts on “Nick Cave in San Francisco

  1. Oh WOW. Thanks so much for the mega-fast response! Really thoughtful. And like I hopefully mentioned before: *very* flattered to be able to share the photos. Amazing show!

  2. Hi. I was just wondering if it were possible to remove my last name from this post? As well as remove it in my Flickr photostream name. I’ve since changed my Flickr photostream name to “seanfrisco”.

    I’m just trying to un-Google myself as much as I can. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Dear god…great reviews, I am officially salivating 🙂 Love how he’s playing a nice selection from throughout his career. And ooh if I get to hear “More News from Nowhere” there will be pants-wetting.


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