Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the WaMu Theater 10/4/08

I was fortunate enough to attend the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds performance Saturday night (10-4-08) at the WaMu Theater inside Madison Square Garden, New York City.
The show was absolutely mind-blowing, full of ear-destroying freakouts, funky breakdowns and lyrical switch ups. It’s my opinion that Nick is enjoying his macho rockstar phase immensely. He’s giving the audience the songs, interaction and jokes we so crave.
Following are a few scattered notes on particularly enjoyable moments 🙂

Nick’s striptease:
Before sitting down at the keyboard for “Love Letter” Nick removed his jacket, causing the audience as a whole to scream “take it off!” In response, Nick did a hilarious jumping jack movement in order to show off his slim physique and soak up the attention. Immediately afterward however, he proclaimed “Don’t make me do that again.”
Which of course caused us all to scream “more more!”
Nick responded with a stern “NO” although he proceeded to work in that very same movement twice more during the set. 🙂

About 3/4 of the way through a beautiful performance of “God Is In The House” Nick began to whisper ad-lib lyrics, and the audience fell completely silent. Nick kept whispering, and eventually cracked up laughing into the mic.

“Hard On for Love” was a powerhouse, with Nick repeating “I’m gonna give those gates a shove” what seemed like 10 times, bashing his guitar during the lyric and letting silence rule in between. Fantastic!

The audience shouted quite a few requests throughout the show, with Nick’s responses ranging from “That’s a good song, but it requires too many brain cells” and “That’s a bit gloomy” to “No, we can’t do that” and “We can do that.” 🙂

During the encore of “The Lyre of Orpheus” Nick got the whole crowd singing along to the “Oh Mama’s” after a bit of nudging.

“Stagger Lee” was an Absolute Freakout Edition (I think I’m still deaf in one ear) and included a 45-second pause after, er, “Suck My Dick.” 😉

“The Mercy Seat” was one of the greatest songs of the evening for me, and possibly the best live version I’ve ever heard. Nick sang it with such unbelievable power, and then band matched him every bit of the way. I may have actually left my body during that one 😉

And…did anyone else see Nick almost fall off the stage during “Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry?” 🙂

I can’t recall the order of the songs, but I do recall the songs at least, and NC&TBS performed the following…in some order other than what I’ve got 😀
Dig Lazarus Dig!!!, Hold On to Yourself, Tupelo, Red Right Hand,
The Mercy Seat, Deanna, Midnight Man, Love Letter, God Is in the House, Moonland, Hard On for Love, The Weeping Song, Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry, We Call Upon the Author to Explain,
The Lyre of Orpheus, Stagger Lee

The audience was rather diverse and quite appreciative. Nick seems to have a way of infecting every poor soul in the house with his boundless energy and passion. Although the show must have lasted close to 2 hours, it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye. This was my first time seeing the band live, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the most life-changing show I’ve ever attended.

God was in the freakin’ house all right.

Below are links to a couple of videos from the show. The last video, “Stagger Lee,” was filmed by me, with a crappy camera, but at least you get to hear it! Thanks to Brettthejet for “Deanna,” and Rephiltm for “The Mercy Seat” and “Love Letter.”


The Mercy Seat

Love Letter

Stagger Lee

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7 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the WaMu Theater 10/4/08

  1. I love almost everything from The Bizarre Festival (1996), as well. ‘Mercy’ and ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’ are also favorites from that show. I can’t think of one song that isn’t wonderful (Weeping Song was so-so, I guess).

    That particular show produced the infamous Wild Roses Grow duet video b/w Nick and Blixa, a collaboration which Nick recently characterized as “Kreepy with a capital ‘K'” (in an Australian TV Special on Murder Ballads).

    Really? Awwwww. That duet was performed countless times over a couple of years and often ended with a lip on lip smoocherooo b/w Nick and Blixa. The fans loved it.

    So come on, Nicky, what’s up with this ‘Kreepy’ stuff? Stop lying like a damn dog!

    What? Me? I’m just doing a little Wednesday afternoon sh*t-stirring. 😉

    Glad to see folks commenting. I don’t get to stop in as much now but I welcome anyone who wants to start some Nick, Blixa, Bad Seeds chat. I’m a huge EN fan, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good. I’ll hang an open thread for youse peoples to blab in.

    Cheers and hugs, Morgan

  2. The Bizarre Festival rendition of Mercy Seat is my favourite. It’s very intense — Nick doubles over and screams the last word into the mic at the end.

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