Ah need a Fix…

Hello all,
Here are a few links to Nick-related tidbits (live recordings, documentary information, shopping!) that you may or may not have…

A note on the downloads below – unless you are a paying member of the downloading program these are linked to, you have to wait about 12 minutes between each download. It’s a bit tedious, but you save some cash 🙂

“Murderous Ends, Collaborative Odds” bootleg
Featuring complete KCRW session Nick performed in 1989, as well as a 1984 Peel Session track only released via an NME compilation cassette.
Various other live tracks from the 90’s, including a 1995 performance of The Boys Next Door track “Shivers” which Nick hadn’t performed since 1979.
Murderous Ends, Collaborative Odds

“Where the Wild Roses Grow” bootleg
1996 Live in Norway
Where the Wild Roses Grow

An NME compilation featuring special live recordings by many interesting bands, including NC&TBS’ “Jack the Ripper” and “Nick The Stripper” performed by The Bad Seeds with Roland S. Howard.
NME Compilation

Now I’m going to seem a bit dense for having JUST discovered this, but…er…apparently there’s a Birthday Party Web site (official?) selling CDs, DVDs and T-shirts. Why haven’t I come across this before in my endless misspent Nickster-Googling work hours? I am going to blame the fact that The Internet obviously hates me in direct proportion to how much I depend upon its assistance. Anyhow, lots of fabulous press clippings and some lovely photos, etc.
The Birthday Party Web site

Available in the shop is a little something on my personal wish list: “The Last Birthday Party” DVD. (PAL format however). Anybody seen it? I’ve only seen brief clips. Apparently it’s a 27-minute “film” but that’s 27 more minutes of Nick (and Blixa!) than I currently have in my viewing repertoire so I’m thrilled.

I’d be very interested to find this “Stranger in a Strange Land” documentary, as well as Loladamusica. I have seen the “Straight to You” documentary, which was lovely despite its being in German, which I don’t speak. Thankfully if you focus hard enough, you can make out what Nick is saying beneath the translations.
Older Nick Cave documentaries

And, to end on stiflingly-serious note, it looks as though someone’s set up a nice new Nick Cave cottage industry…
Mrs. Nick Cave

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22 thoughts on “Ah need a Fix…

  1. Gotta agree Morgan, this blog caters to every Nick Fix imaginable…inlcuding my favorite, humor 😀

    Thanks! Hehe, you know me and my ring fixation…I had to feature them! 😀

  2. >>>>>You're talking to the reason why those records are wonderful<<<<

    He's a pisser, I swear to God!!!

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Now, when I come here, I can get a laughter fix, along with the hot sexy good looking man fix, the more music and cool stuff than I can even handle fix, and all the Cave news that's fit to blog fix. Come to think of it, I write most of the latter, but whatever…. It all good. Damn. Thanks everybody for making this Juke Joint we call Nick Fixes rock. Ssssssssst. Hot.

    Love your avatar, Laura. The rings! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I've gotta change mine — I've had it for too many years. Thinking on it…

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