The Birthday Party: Wild World (1983)

The Birthday Party – Hacienda Club
February 24, 1983: Wild World

This video doesn’t exist

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Hammersmith Apollo, London
June 7, 2003: Wild World (revisited)

Both of these videos came from my personal collection: The Birthday Party’s Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn DVD (1984) and Abattoir Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus CD/DVD 4 piece boxed set (2004). ~ MW.

edited feb 27-09

refer to original post at blogger site:  The Birthday Party Wild World 1983

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I write contemporary LGBTQ fiction that explores the dark & light of human love and desire. Interests: Progressive politics, visual arts, vintage illustration, mid-century design. French films, Queer cinema. Literary quotes. J'adore Paris. Ich liebe Berlin.

8 thoughts on “The Birthday Party: Wild World (1983)

  1. Caroline, yeah, this is a mature performance – when he sings those words you know what he’s been through, you feel the life he’s led. You hear it from the depths of his gut in that huwyeaaaaah. Unbelievable. I think the first time I saw this I probably wept.

    Nick, if you’re tuning in… damn… we love you.

  2. second video, @2:04
    “c’mon baby, hold me tight
    it’s a wild world, it’s a wild world
    up here in your arms tonight”

    as if I was not addicted enough…

  3. I edited the post to include the 2003 performance. Two performances of the song, twenty years apart. Fascinating! Thanks for the great fixes, everyone! There’s more to come we’ve got great material pending.


  4. sofarfromme, thanks for the link 😉 I love that interview! Nick is just not cooperating 😀

    Here are some audio-only BP interviews…
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Morgan, I think I saw the 2003 Wild World on YouTube at one point but it seems to be gone now. There was one person who had a bunch of good Nick vids up on there but they closed their account so many have disappeared… 😦

    Cheers everyone!

  5. Glad you liked it… interesting that he did Wild World in 2003 on the first tour w/o Blixa. It’s one of my favorite performances.

    I don’t think it’s on Youtube but i could upload it. (From Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus DVD).

  6. Delicious Fix 🙂
    Very high quality upload!
    His songwriting was really heading into some interesting directions by this point…love it 🙂

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