Collaborations Fix

Thanks to My Hero Is Gone’s photostream

A smattering of collaborations news thanks to our very own Fix Hunter, Caroline!

Nick Cave duets with Seasick Steve on the blues singer’s September 2008 release, “I Started Out with Nothin’ and I Still Got Most of It Left” on the track “Just Like a King,” which you can listen to here. Seasick Steve says:

I asked Nick to write a verse, and he just looked out the window, twirled his chair for a few minutes, then started writing. It’s a damn good verse, too. (Article)

Speaking of Nick’s affinity for made-to-order compositions…
When talking about his 2005 score (written with Warren Ellis) for Gisli Gardarsson’s stage adaptation of Woyzeck, he told the New York Times:

I have a particular talent of writing to spec. […] In fact, I’m much better at that than sitting down to write my own songs. You’re just given your theme and given your idea. You don’t have to worry about original creation. You just sit down and do the work.

You can hear a sample of Nick’s music for Woyzeck here.
I also love this tidbit, related to the New York Times by Gardarsson in the article linked above, describing Nick’s method of…auditioning for lack of a better term 😀

He [Nick] said: ‘Do you have some time to listen? I don’t have a computer to send you anything,’ […] So he put his phone on his piano and played me a song that he had composed.(Article)

In even MORE Nick news, Grinderman will appear on a Suicide tribute release, celebrating Suicide member Alan Vega’s 60th birthday. No surprise since Nick’s always been a fan! The Suicide tribute project is planned as a year-long monthly series of 10″ vinyl EPs, each featuring a different artist. Not sure when Nick’s is due yet (Anyone? Talk about a must-have! My fav Aussie man coverin’ my fav New York band…sigh)
Many more updates to come, including Nick’s work on the new Wim Wenders film, “Palermo Shooting,” Bad Seeds re-releases etc etc etc!

For now, please enjoy a DLD interview in this scan from the Spring/Summer 08 issue of “Another Man” (Just scroll down past the Bowie/Weller post). The last sentence in the interview is priceless. 🙂

And I couldn’t help it – I had to include an OLD collab photo 🙂
<— (Thanks to Ookami_dou’s photostream)

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