Boatman’s Outtake; Weeping Flashback; Dirty Guitar Duet

It is a video fix night on this Friday (or early Saturday) of a long Thanksgiving weekend. I’m waving to my fellow Americans, who are still drunk, or who plan to stay drunk, through Sunday. To those who intend to keep going straight through ’til Christmas, fine with me. To the totally insane who insist on being intoxicated until Barack Obama’s Inauguration, I’m with ya, Babies! 🙂

*First, a glorious video fix from sofarfromme, absolutely fantastic work.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – “I Do, Dear, I Do

tx to sofarfromme

Images from The Road to God Knows Where and The Singer, directed by Uli M. Schüppel. Music from Boatman’s Call Outtakes by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

*Next, here’s a Weeping Song Flashback, for all the Blixa Fans out there:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Weeping Song
Live at Beach Bum Festival in Jesolo (Venice, Italy) 10 July 1998

Tx to CreationBaby

*Last, my personal favorite, a duet sung by Anita Lane and Blixa Bargeld, backed by Die Haut and their ‘barrage of dirty guitars’ (Nick Cave said that). This is hot. (I said that.)

Subterranean World/How Long
Duet: Blixa Bargeld and Anita Lane (with Die Haut)
Berlin Tempodrome – 20 August 1992


Love and Blessings, Morgan the Thankful Fixer

12 thoughts on “Boatman’s Outtake; Weeping Flashback; Dirty Guitar Duet

  1. Winston, a pleasure, glad you enjoyed our humble offerings. LOVE John the Revelator, thx for including that Quicktime link. I’m a great blues fan, from my earliest teen years. There’s more to the Blues than meets the eyes, I always say. E tu?

  2. Thanks for the link Winston! And great job finding DVDs of “Ritual Habitual” Caroline! How random! Nick pops up in some odd places! 😀

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