Troxy Mishaps; Nick Cave News & Miscellany

Troxy Photo by Melbourneflower
(Fleur Neale) 30 November 2008

Here are this week’s Nick Fixes, me lovelies..
First, it seems Nick had mishaps at both Troxy shows. Our last post focused on his ‘fall’ from the stage during Stagger Lee, on the 30th. Well, on the 29th, he bopped himself in the head with a flying microphone! Jeez, take it easy, man! For more Troxy photos visit SUPERSWEET

More Tour Photos: Sheffield Show 27.11.08

For your video fix we’re revisiting the beloved ‘No More Shall We Part’ album, with a video triple feature. Before you move on, let me turn you on to a remarkable account of the 2nd May 2002 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds gig in New York City: “Falling lovely and amazing”. (Thanks for these words, Jen. May you be blessed.)

Nick Cave – And No More Shall We Part
(Live on French TV show Nulle Part ailleurs)

tx to sahishin

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – 15ft of Pure White Snow

tx to jackx1

No More Shall We Part Recording Sessions (Pt 2)
tx to idratherbeinacoma1

The above cover of Nick Cave, from 1989, is Caroline’s latest addition to her Nick Cave magazine cover gallery.

Coming March 2009…


In case you missed it… NEWS:
Gisli Orn Gardarsson (the play Woyzeck) is developing a musical version of Faust, again with Nick Cave. Faust, will be his third collaboration with rockers Warren Ellis and Nick Cave. According to Gardarsson, Faust will be a “really massive rock show”!

**THANK YOU TO CAROLINE, our dedicated ‘Fix Hunter’ for submitting the news, the photo cover, the French TV video, Sheffield link, and the info/graphic on the NC&TBS Remasters!

Edited by Morgan Wolf, 10 December 2008 @9.22 pm EST

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8 thoughts on “Troxy Mishaps; Nick Cave News & Miscellany

  1. Hehe! Freethmillhaven1, thanks for that tidbit. I can imagine his words to the audience about the dry cleaning ticket were a riot!

  2. Freethmillhaven1:

    I heard a rumour about that incident, but not firsthand. Thanks so much for sharing. Poor Nick. As far as I’m concerned, he could walk around in a suit MADE out of dry cleaning tickets. As long as kept right on performing, I doubt anyone would notice or care. 🙂

  3. I was at the Troxy on the Saturday night. It was an outstanding gig.

    As well as his mishap with the microphine stand, Nick aslo suffered the idignity of walking around with a dry-cleaning ticket attached to the back of his waistcoat. Eventually, Jim called him over to tell him and Nick berated the audience for not telling him sooner.

  4. Thanks, Caroline, for your loyalty and your hard work. I’m so glad we found you. Have fun when you return to France! Bon voyage!


    Regarding the ‘list’ I mentioned in my last comment: I decided to do something a little more creative and gave you the the Nick Fixes Christmas Cottage. Everything you need to know is there, just use your heads, okay?

    For Fixes visitors who don’t know what in heck I’m saying half the time, please understand that I speak cryptically about certain things for good reason. I take for granted that you are all very bright and it somehow filters through. We have a lot invested here. Blogs are taken down all the time for stupid stuff.

    In praise of Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds, past and present, Your humble servant, Morgan \|/

  5. I should rename my gallery “My eBay wish list” 😀

    @Morgan : my pleasure, really ;D
    I love to go on treasure hunt to find more fixes! I never get enough 😀

    As for my salary, don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for a raise anytime soon 😉

  6. Thanks, Laura. I’m telling you, the techno gremlins almost kilt me yesterday. 🙂 I couldn’t have done it w/o Caroline. But don’t tell her because I will have to raise her salary! Disaster for Nick Fixes. Uh-huh. Nobody loves Caroline as much as me! ;D Although… when I post the list of goodies she’s got for ever’body … ooooh… g/f! To die for. 🙂 I, mahself, contributed to her lovely list. Look for them in today’s Nick Fix, the Bizarre Fest video post.

    Sumpin’ sumpin’ good is goin’ on………

  7. Brilliant Fix! Love the NMSWP vid from the French TV show…and Caroline’s magazine cover gallery is more impressive every Fix!

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