Reminiscing: Blixa Bargeld & Mick Harvey

I think this gem is apropos, considering yesterday’s news from Mick Harvey, about his decision to leave Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Blixa Bargeld Interview with Mick Harvey, 1988
Ghosts of the Civil Dead Extras (w/John Hillcoat)

Tx to DarthRobin

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10 thoughts on “Reminiscing: Blixa Bargeld & Mick Harvey

  1. Mick Harvey has worked with Nick Cave since The Boys Next Door (1975). He will be greatly missed.

    BTW, love Nick Cave Fixes; it’s a great site.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Can’t get enough of it!!
    Mick: Did you get a receipt for it?
    Blixa: I got a receipt for it, yes.
    Mick: And when are you going to give that to Evan?
    Blixa: I’m gonna give it to Evan when I leave, together with all the kept rezeipts.
    Mick: They’re quite large in number…?
    Blixa: Well, there’s like for every day in the studio I’ve got two rezeipts. One coming to the studio, one leaving the studio.

  3. okay that was meant to be “I cant tell if tensions are spilling over or Nick is just standing up for a fan”
    On reflection I’m thinking too much into this but it was just nice to see Mick laughing away at Nick’s antics.

  4. well this is interesting, Perth 2009 can't tell if tensions are spilling over of Nick's just standing up for some one

    from another angle you can see Mick laughing away to all of this

  5. Always a source of laughter and joy to watch this. I thought we needed it. 😉 “What assignment?”

    Blixa: “Well, if I would die tomorrow, I wouldn’t be happy.”
    Mick: “Who would?” (cracking up)

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