Nick Cave and Suicide

(Nick in the March 09 issue of Mojo)

The legendary band, that is. Footage of Grinderman and Suicide at The Forum in London (from June 20, 2007) has just shown up on YouTube. As an uber-huge Suicide fan (as opposed to ultra-mega-uber-huge Nick fan) this gives me shivers, however short the clip may be. Please be sure to note Mr. Cave’s ever-amazing dance moves during “Touch Me” here.

Footage of Grinderman performing “Mr. Ray” is also up.

As you Fixers are undoubtedly aware, a special 7″ vinyl single of Grinderman covering a Suicide song is due out (sometime) as part of a Suicide singles release series. Any word on Nick’s contribution? Seems I’ve been waiting so long…

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7 thoughts on “Nick Cave and Suicide

  1. A DLD DVD would be great. The Band were at the top of their game and it should be captured for posterity.

    As it was Mick’s last tour as well it would be great to have a DVD.

  2. I think a DLD tour dvd is more than a possibility. It’s an imperative. The biggest Cave tour thus far? The money is on it. Massive. 🙂 Cheers, all.

  3. Sadly, all I’ve heard thus far is “March 2009” for the re-releases, though considering the original rumored release was late ’08, who the hell knows.

    I haven’t heard any news on the next Grinderman – just “in the works” but I’m even more curious about whether there’s an official DLD tour DVD coming…I noticed some serious pro filming action was going on at some of the performances. Unless I’m imagining things. We must always take that possibility into account.

  4. I was at the Grinderman gig at the Forum back in 2007. It was a great gig. Sadly, the only time I have seen Grindermna thus far. SeaSick Steve was great support as well.

    Any news on the recording of the second Grinderman album or the release date for the collectors editions of the first four albums?

  5. I pray I never end up sitting behind Nick Cave at an event like you, CassieL! My head would explode and I’d no doubt do something foolish like poke him to see if he’d turn around 😀 Heart-thumping indeed, you lucky gal!
    My Mojo is supposedly on its way in the mail…*sigh* Oh the anticipation 🙂

  6. The moves, it’s all in the moves :O

    Thanks for the heads up on the clips, it would have been great if Nick was successful in his bid to get Suicide to play ATP last month. But alas, I can’t complain. We got wonderful German electronica instead – Harmonia. And I had some severe, heat-thumping distraction while I was sitting on the slope watching them:


    Anyone got the MOJO already? My local has not come through with the goods just yet, I will have to make do with this image I purchased and arrived in the mail yesterday, a wonderful 14″x11″ to be framed and loved for a long time to come, memory of the Best. Festival. Ever. (ATP).

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