B&W Video Night: Nick Cave for Lovers

Here are some of our favorite slow songs, all in B&W, which is tonight’s video theme. Grab your Honey and pull him or her close. Here are some sweet sounds, courtesy of Nick Cave, the Loverman himself, delivered to you special, from all of us here at Nick Cave Fixes.


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Ship Song
Live @ Vox Nonantola (Rome 1993)
(Great slide show! The guy who made the video shot these picsNote the Nick/Blixa pic @1.20)

tx to logancinque

Nick Cave & Barry Adamson – The Sweetest Embrace

tx to songstofly

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Come Into My Sleep

tx to deemikay

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – So Slowly Goes the Night

tx to passionadictvideo

Well, I hope you enjoyed this selection. Remember what your friend Morgan advises: love often and love deep ’cause it’s the only Real Thing, Babies! All ah ask of you is to please leave a comment if you just happened by and liked what you saw. We’ve got fabulous surprises ahead for you Nick Fixes Fans. Stay tuned, Mah Hunees.

Love & hugs,
Morgan, Laura, & Caroline

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About Morgan Wolfe

I write contemporary LGBTQ fiction that explores the dark & light of human love and desire. Interests: Progressive politics, visual arts, vintage illustration, mid-century design. French films, Queer cinema. Literary quotes. J'adore Paris. Ich liebe Berlin.

6 thoughts on “B&W Video Night: Nick Cave for Lovers

  1. the bushfires are truly devastating. my thoughts are with those who have lost family and friends. marysville, kinglake and kinglake west are all but gone. these are towns people would have passed thru to go to ATP a couple of weeks ago. i saw a little boy sobbing in the back seat of a car. the terror on his little face said it all. shocking shocking shocking. oh and the sight seers are all rolling in for a look. can you believe that?

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sofarfromme. We’re just getting sorted out here again. Hope all are well and such Down Under. Melbourne Deb was telling me it’s terribly hot, 46 C. Eeew.

  3. This has nada to do with Nick, but much to do with music. I was just surfing YouTube for old Zeppelin videos. Found a few from the 1973 Madison Square Garden show. I was there! In those days, Jimmy Page was God. Sobbing with emotion. You cannot imagine what it’s like to watch this footage! There was no MTV or any of that … what you saw was magic and it only lived on in your memory. Laura, you know I love the blues… well, here is “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, Led Zep, Live, 1973.

  4. Glorious. Our very own Black and White night.
    🙂 Feels good to be back – however many transitional glitches are coming our way 🙂

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