"It rained fire….." on Black Saturday

This quote was made by a severely burned man who barely survived the bush fire that engulfed the town of Kinglake, some 30 miles northeast of Melbourne.

Since this blog is about Nick Cave, who is a Melbourne fella, and since Melbourne Deb is among our many dear friends from the region, I think it is timely and proper for us to post a public expression of sympathy. According to your beliefs, please join me in offering prayers, meditations, and healing energies for the victims and survivors of the Victoria Bush Fires.

Sincerest wishes for an ease to your suffering, from all of us at Nick Cave Fixes.

In the arms of the Goddess we lay,

Australia bush fires: Death toll passes 100
The Telegraph UK, 08 February 2009

The infernos, which started on Saturday in a period of record temperatures, destroyed at least 750 homes as they burned through 350,000 hectares of towns and farmland in the state of Victoria in a day and night already dubbed “Black Saturday”. Entire towns have been wiped off the map, with aerial images of the region showing an eerie moonscape of blackened earth and collapsed homes where fields and communities used to stand.

Most of the damage was done by two massive fires – one that virtually wiped out towns northeast of Melbourne including Kinglake and Marysville with a 60-mile front – and a second inferno that raced across Gippsland. Burnt-out cars were strewn across the road outside Kinglake, testimony to residents who made doomed attempts to escape.

Australia ablaze: ‘Hell in all its fury’ brings death to Victoria
The Times, Online, 8 February 2009

The fires began on the hottest day ever recorded in Melbourne and were fanned by gale-force winds. Many of the dead were said to have waited too long in their homes before fleeing and were burnt alive in their cars as multiple fires tore through the countryside of Victoria state. Some of the blazes were set by arsonists.

Witnesses said the sky had turned to ash, began to rain embers and the fires which obliterated entire houses in seconds had turned parts of the picturesque Victorian countryside into something resembling a nuclear holocaust.

You are welcome to add your voice to ours, in the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “"It rained fire….." on Black Saturday

  1. I am totally shocked and saddened by the fires in Victoria. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this. I read reports that arsonists have returned to the scene to reset the fires. What sort of sick minds do these people have? Havn’t their families and friends been affected? These sick bastards need locking up for life with only photos of the consequences of their actions to keep them company. We complain about petty things in our lives, then something like this happens to put it all into perspective.

  2. I am one of the lucky ones living on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, Victoria. But the horror stories spilling from these fires are almost overwhelming.

    I know only a teacher who works with me at my school. She dares not leave her home at Yarra Glen. She says she is safer to stay because her area is still surrounded by fire fronts.

    But constant news updates remind us all that so many people are struggling.

    If there is any good in all this, it must be a great time to value so much we take for granted.

    I have posted a tribute post too on my blog as a sign of support.

  3. Is the worst fires in Australia. And to think over 108 lives have been lost because of stupid people throwing butts out of their car window. It such a shame.
    My thoughts go with the people who have lost everything.

  4. our hearts go out to all affected by this. no words can bring you comfort at this time but you are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers in what ever form they come.

  5. I can’t even imagine what they are going trough. I really hope they’ll manage to stop the fire.

    My thoughts are with them :((((

  6. ..
    what can i say .. My feelings are with the Survivers
    and all i can do praying for them ,
    and May the victims rest in peace

    Thank you Morgan for putting this in your weblog,
    hope our Healings , touch them

  7. I can’t imagine the horror and sorrow of all this. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. May the fires end NOW!

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