A Threefold Nick Fix

Greetings Nick Fiends,

Thanks for your patience during our recent hiatus. We’re still working on the private domain name. We’ll keep you advised. Meanwhile, let’s get back on track with three very different ‘Fixes’, which you will find in the space below. We will see you again on Friday for Special Theme Video Night.

Cheers and Blessings,
Morgan Wolf

Nick Cave and Mick Harvey
Photograph by Peter Milne

This wonderful photo of Nick Cave and Mick Harvey is by Peter Milne, whose created similar priceless images for his book, Fish in a Barrel: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on Tour (1992).  This book is still available if you look through used booksellers such as alibris. I chose this photo of two friends ‘biting the banana’ for sentimental reasons. Word from Those In The Know is that Mick Harvey, long time friend and colleague of Nick Cave, has left the Bad Seeds amicably.  The strain of travel and the wish to spend more time with his family are the reasons I’ve been given.   This bit of news should ease the concerns of those upset by Mick’s departure.

From our ‘Nick Fixes’ collection:

Last, but not least, here is something for those interested in one of Nick’s precursive bands, before they became ‘Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’. This is a much better quality video than the one available on YouTube.

Here is Nick Cave and the Cavemen – “Well of Misery” 12-Apr-84 UK London-Camden, Electric Ballroom[Click link to pick up this week’s ‘fix’, which will be available for another 7 days.] *EXP*

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6 thoughts on “A Threefold Nick Fix

  1. @ Bulkbiller – hilarious! I think perhaps your Nick Cave fandom has trickled down to the next generation! Adorable.
    Puts me in mind of this clip (not sound-wise, but with the guitar and all :D)

    PS Thanks Anon for the links!

  2. My 5 year old son made up and performed this short song, afterwards I realised how similar it was to Nick Cave. Uncanny!

  3. Anon, thanks for the info. Sorry to hear it’s not in the book. Clearly, I don’t own Fish in a Barrel, or I would know that. Certainly, I would like to. In any case, I am glad I was able to post the pic, sent to me by a generous friend, so I could share it with the folks here at Fixes.

  4. That picture doesn't come in Fish in a Barrel. Right tour, right photographer, but for some reason they only kept it to the Live Seeds boxset thing… 😦

    It's still a nice book regardless.

    "Your request could not be processed." Sorry if this posts twice. >:|

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