Nick Cave’s reissues, MOJO; Friday video fix

Updated 28 April 2009 – Collector’s Edition Reissues:

The first four albums in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ reissues series were released on 27 April in the UK.  The latest US release date is now May 19th 2009.  Collector’s Editions are remastered in 5.1 surround sound and will include short films by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, along with bonus tracks.  Be aware that these tracks are available on the B-Sides and Rarities CD set.  Still, it’s a good deal for new Cave fans and long-time collectors — particularly the audiophiles out there who want to enjoy Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with the mind-blowing sonic experience of 5.1 surround.  And the Mercy Seat is smokin’…

*Full Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Reissue Details @The Quietus.

Nick Cave MOJO:

mojo_cover_march09 Your Funeral My Trial album, 1986

In the March 2009 special issue of Mojo, you can read Nick’s perspective on the good, bad, and ugly of surviving three decades in rock. Further, the results of MOJO’s poll of the Top Ten Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Albums will surprise the most jaded of aging Cave-ers, such as mahself. If Your Funeral, My Trial is #10… what is #9?  What in hell is #1? Buy MOJO and find out.

Chhh… chh… changes

There is an interesting statistical shift away from the long-accepted ‘best of’ standards in the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds back catalog.  As mainstream music fans and younger fans merge with the legions already devoted to Mr. Cave, a certain shift in taste and preference is to be expected.  Is this a bad thing?  Well, that is a huge and oft-debated question among Cave fans these days.  The fans I’ve spoken to are pretty much evenly divided, between new fans who don’t have the artistic and emotional attachment to the former members and who prefer the type of music that Nick is making now, and the older fans who are having trouble recognizing the artist they once admired.

Among the latter group, reasons vary.   “He’s sold out,” said one friend of mine.  A few others feel The Bad Seeds were over the day that Blixa left.  Others dislike the pop influences that Warren Ellis has brought to the fore with Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!   Now, with Mick Harvey’s amicable departure, Nick is the lone Bad Seed, at least among the founding members.  A number of long-devoted fans believe this is the end of an era.  While I agree that’s true, as Nick himself says, all things come towards their end.  Nothing stays the same forever, in art or in life.  So?

ON EDIT: Summer Tour/Mick Harvey’s Replacement

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Announce Festival Appearances
[From Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on]

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS announce the first of a string of summer festival appearances.

The band, featuring Ed Kuepper on guitar, will headline at German festivals Southside (Neuhausen Ob Eck) and Hurricane (Scheesel) in June, and at Oxegen Festival in Ireland on 11th July 2009.

Kuepper, formally of Australian bands The Saints and Laughing Clowns, completes the current Bad Seeds live line up of Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler, Jim Sclavunos and Conway Savage…*SNIP*

With that, I leave the floor open to your comments, on this topic, or whatever is on your mind.  Thank you for finding your way here and please come back.

Cheers & TGIF!  Morgan

Friday’s Video Fix:

Nick Cave @ the Plug Award March 2008  (Music clip + Interview)

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34 thoughts on “Nick Cave’s reissues, MOJO; Friday video fix

  1. I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!!!

    In fact, I only ‘just’ got it, I haven’t even opened it yet LOL!! But I’m so excited after ALL this time, and Deb, you need to look out for it now. My local only had two copies left already….

    Can’t wait to load up my work computer with the cd this afternoon for a listen :))))

    Happy happy joy joy


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