Nick Cave – Triple Fix 1980s

A Nick Cave 80’s Retro Triple Fix!

First, a brilliant and rare performance of The Mercy Seat in Athens, with a club attendee’s text notes. Next, is a Photo Fix, with Nick’s fabulous 80s hair.  Finally, an MP3 of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds performing Wild World, Live in Edinburgh, 4-16-1985, with Rowland S. Howard on guitar (filling in for Blixa Bargeld).

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat  (LIVE 1989)
Rodon Club, Athens Greece, May 5, 1989.

Line Up: Nick Cave: Vocals, Mick Harvey: Bass, Blixa Bargeld: Guitar, Kid Congo Powers: Guitar, Roland Wolf: Keyboards, Thomas Wydler: Drums

“Back from rehab, healthier but most of all Alive after a critical o.d., Cave and the historical Seeds played three majestic shows in Greece ( May 3,4 and 5th). Everyone remembers them and get nostalgic about it. The show directed by Nikos Fragakis …”  Video + text: tx to japoblonde

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Nick Cave, Sounds Magazine, 21 August 1982beatnick-bandit-sounds1982_cropNick Cave, Sounds Magazine, 1982, CROP

Nick Cave, Sounds Magazine, 1982, wearing ‘Beatnik Bandit’ tee, by ‘Big Daddy’ Roth.
This is the same photo shoot that produced the infamous ‘Hate Every Cop’ poster
[L to R: Cave Page, Cave Crop (Hi-contrast), Cave Head Crop (Hi-contrast)]

‘Wild World’ MP3 – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds w/ Rowland S. Howard
(Live Edinburgh, 16 April 1985*)

Edinburgh 1985 Line Up: On guitar, Rowland S. Howard replaces Blixa Bargeld, who is in Berlin recording Halber Mensch with EinstΓΌrzende Neubauten. On bass, Die Haut’s handsome Christoph Dreher, Nick’s Berlin flatmate and director of the Tupelo and The Singer  videos, replaces Barry Adamson. Nick Cave: Vocals, Mick Harvey: Guitar, Thomas Wydler: Drums. [Thanks to From the Archives for the meticulous documentation!]

Photos: Tx to Laura.  Cropping and hi-contrast images by Morgan.  Music file from Morgan’s collection.

Revised: 12 April 2010.  Photo attribution corrected: 27-2-09, MW. 


15 thoughts on “Nick Cave – Triple Fix 1980s

  1. Aww…Joe Strummer was my first big hero…and I never get enough of The Pogues either. When all my friends were listening to N’Sync and Blink 182, I was chugging whiskey in the school parking lot ranting about “real music.” Bit of a dork I was, yes indeed…
    Listening to:

    • I was in country Victoria, a 13 year old listening to Bowie, Iggy and Lou Reed while everyone thought I was ‘weird’. Little did I know that a certain Nick Cave had been doing the same thing only 10 years earlier, 35kms up the road, in Wangaratta LOL!!!!

  2. Hey Babies, It’s 3 am and my Sennheisers are resting comfortably on my head… I can’t believe it’s almost March! St. Paddy’s Day is just a couple weeks away. Looking forward to spring. Meanwhile, it’s a rainy night here in New England. I’m feeling just a little blue… thinking of Shane MacGowan’s Rainy Night In Soho.

    Here’s our Nick, playing his lovely piano. Makes me want to sit on the floor and rest my cheek again his knee. Nicky, keep singing those ballads, soft and low. Fer the ole times, and old timers, mate…

    Most of you’ve prolly seen this, but hey. Here’s Shane and Nick doing ‘Lucy’ live, Jools Holland

    Okay… enough of that… Have a drink and turn up the volume!

    The Pogues and Joe Strummer (RIP)
    ‘London Calling’ (St Paddy’s 1988)

  3. Quiet and wintery sounds perfect Morgan πŸ™‚

    Here I am in Melbourne on another hot night, with fans blowing and we’ve only just opened the doors at 10pm for the breeze to blow through because it was still over 30c until then. I am a winter girl and can’t wait to get myself standing on top of a mountain sometime soon, with skis strapped to my feet looking down a perfect untracked slope at 15 feet of pure white snow…. ready to rip into it. Bliss πŸ™‚

    Good night from me. And thanks again Morgan, your organic site that is growing is a wonderful place to be, thanks for having me here πŸ™‚


  4. Cassiel, I think we were typing our comments at the same time. Close timing.

    It’s the wee small hours of the morning. Quiet and wintry here in Connecticut, USA. I’m winding down and getting ready to go to bed soon.

    Oh, Jelly, she is a special sweetheart of mine. I am not sure I could or should speak for her. No doubt she will be back tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

    Ah, Friday. We always have fun on Friday. I’ll be playing music and watching this blog, so hope people show up.

    We’re almost ready to upload the new page design. It’s a customized version of what is already here. This place has great vibes. It is like a new bar and I’m serving drinks and chatting up the clientele. Waaaaaaay too much fun. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for commenting, Cassiel, and I am glad you enjoyed the Fix. It was fun putting it together.

    • Morgan,,,YES back..but u Can always speak for me..coz mostly u know what i mean..and thats it.. πŸ™‚

      i cant wait to see what kind of Fix can i get from new design:D

  5. Yeah, from what I understand, that show is legendary.

    Nick is on fire. Fantastically powerful. Love what Deb said, the way he leans over the speakers, attacks the lyrics. The band is slamming. The crowd reaching for him. This is right after he met Viv, Luke’s mother. I believe they spent that April together and he moved to Sao Paolo right after the tour. Nick, off drugs, and in love…

  6. Wonderful stuff, thanks again Morgan πŸ˜€

    I’m a little bit baffled by Jelly’s statement that the audiences don’t love Nick like this anymore though? From the 3 sets I’ve seen of Nick in all his bands and guises so far this year, I can’t think of a statement any further from the truth. I’d think the man is more and more loved every minute!!

    • u Got me wrong Casseil..but i guess it was my BAD:D..

      ye nick is on fire now… actually i meant :on those audiences with full of 80’s punk and high fans around who were drowning in the music..,,that kind of audiences which makes any artist to perform their best and feel like its home..
      That punk Era is gone now..adn “NO SMOKING INDOORS”


      • AH yes, I hear you now! The no smoking indoors now is great (seeing I quit 10 years ago) but back in the late 80’s the scene was so different to what it is now I agree (and I did used to smoke back then πŸ˜‰ ). Alternative and indie and punk was just that, not homogenised like it is now. Even the old venues here in Melbourne are not the same anymore. I think that is why Nick commented about the Thebarton theatre in Adelaide recently that they consider it to be the ‘best venue in Australia’. It must remind them of what St Kilda USED to be like.

        Thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚

  7. Ladies, I have to agree with you. Wonderful fix. I have already played ‘Wild World’ at least 10 times today. Love it! It’s nice to hear Rowland twanging away on what was a Birthday Party song. As far as I could find out, RSH only had 24 hours notice before having to join the tour. Wild World is the last song of the set and he lets it hang out. Nice! Christoph is fabulous on bass. He’s used to backing that loud and ‘dirty guitar’ sound of Die Haut. Here, you also see Tommy Wydler joining The Bad Seeds. He is still with Nick, of course. With Tommy coming on board, Mick Harvey can switch back to guitar, which I think he really wanted to do. Over the years, he’s played every instrument imaginable. Depending on who was in jail, or pissed off at each other, or too wasted to play, or some damn thing. A true musician and gent. Hats off to him, wherever he is. Well done, all!

  8. Brilliant!!!
    wow i havn’t seen this before.. more loving audience like this 😦
    thx for putting this up..!!

  9. such splendour. for me he holds the key to infinite bliss. i love his 80’s hair and love the way he leans over on those speakers into the crowd. i love this fix.

    thanks morgan and caro.

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