Nick Cave & Die Haut: Sad Dark Eyes

Nick Cave, with Die Haut, Sad Dark Eyes / Pleasure is the Boss
Berlin Tempodrome, 24 August 1992

“My view of Die Haut is they have a great love of guitars – they’re a guitar orientated group.
I love singing behind a barrage of ugly, dirty guitars.” – Nick Cave, on Die Haut, 1992.

Line Up: Die Haut: Christoph Dreher – Bass; Rainer Lingk – Guitar; Jochen Arbeit – Guitar; Thomas Wydler – Drums. Nick Cave – Guest Vocalist.

GIG NOTES: This is one of my all-time favorite Nick Cave performances. Unbelievably hot. Die Haut members are connected to Nick Cave and two of his Bad Seeds, Blixa Bargeld and Thomas Wydler. Die Haut’s founder, Christoph Dreher, directed Bad Seeds videos ‘Tupelo’ and ‘The Singer’ and was Nick’s Cave flat-mate while he lived in Berlin. Jochen Arbeit joined Blixa Bargeld’s now-legendary band, Einstürzende Neubauten, in 1993. Finally, Thomas Wydler, Die Haut drummer since 1982, continues to perform with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Link: Die Haut Discography

Source: Sweat (WSFA 140V/Triple X 51184-3, 1993) — live video from Tempodrom, Berlin, August 1992, 66 minutes; directed by Rolf S. Wolkenstein

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I write contemporary LGBTQ fiction that explores the dark & light of human love and desire. Interests: Progressive politics, visual arts, vintage illustration, mid-century design. French films, Queer cinema. Literary quotes. J'adore Paris. Ich liebe Berlin.

8 thoughts on “Nick Cave & Die Haut: Sad Dark Eyes

  1. The Birthday Party – Sad Dark Eyes
    Live audio from “The Front Row Is Not for the Fragile.”
    Recorded live at Vera, Groningen, Holland on June 5, 1982 (Info)

    Note: In this version, Nick and Anita Lane were very much a couple. He sings, “Put my ring on your finger… and comb your long red hair.”

    Another version of Sad Dark Eyes by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live at Pandora’s Music Box Festival in De Doelen, Rotterdam on October 12, 1985; from Viva Las Vegas (Unofficial CD/bootleg release). Here, he sings, “comb your long blond hair.” 😉

  2. i love nick doing sad dark eyes. originally written and performed by “the loved ones” – gerry humphreys. the loved ones were a great oz band and i still love everlovin’ man and the loved one and of course SDE. nick has made it even more beautiful and earnest. inxs did a cover of the loved one. gerry had a fantastic voice and passed away in 2005. “the loved ones magic box” is one of my faves and i still have my vinyl copy. it was a bit of a sound track to my early teenage years – boyfriends, alcohol and the like.
    the original here:

    • ((DEB))) Sad, Dark Eyes destroys me. Because of Anita and because it evokes so many of my own sad memories… So sorry about Gerry. So hard to put those feelings into words. As we Nick fans get older, the real stuff comes out. Deb, Honey, thank you for helping me keep it real. Here’s to us…

      When I was young – The Animals 1967 (must watch at YT, embedding is disabled)

      • oh yes. when i was young. it truly is a stand out song isn’t it. i love it. and of course HOTRS. by dylan and the animals.

  3. Monica, honey, look at it this way, at least somebody filmed it so you can see what it was like. Have you got Live at the Paradiso? The older Cave fans kinda use that gig as a marker. They were red hot, and to this day, I watch it with awe and extreme joy. My favorite Bad Seeds line up. As for Nicky’s hotness: before he got married in 1999, I swear that man could melt the Pole caps and bring about a global shift! Jeeezus.

    • Haha so very true, thank you Morgan. I don’t have any Nick Cave anything sadly, besides a concert t-shirt from the DLD tour and a few magazines with a Nick cover article. I am working on it though! I’m still a very new Cave fan, only since June last year, but I know this love will last for a long time, if not forever. I’m so glad that theres so many videos and interviews and documentations of him over the years because it’s all priceless. I would give almost ANYTHING to see a Let Love In concert in person and even MORE to see a Birthday Party concert. But since I know I can’t I’m thankful for awesome videos like this. =]

      • @Monica Well, stick around, ’cause one mission of Fixes is to bring Nick’s history to the new fans. We don’t put up many recent live clips because you can see numerous examples of them on YouTube. Instead, we try and give you samples of the older stuff, things that represent important periods in Nick’s career.

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