Live at the Paradiso; Nick & Blixa


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Live at the Paradiso.

Filmed by John Hillcoat, the Paradiso concert video is actually an edited compilation of footage shot at during a two-night gig, June 2nd and 3rd, during the Henry’s Dream World Tour, 1992. The editing style is kinetic and exciting, even though many fans dislike the piecing together of two separate shows. Nick Cave gives an electric performance, deftly captured by friend Hillcoat.  Indeed, ‘Paradiso’ is a brilliant performance video that documents the magnificent magic conjured by a group of musicians many fans consider to be the best Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds line-up. Henry’s Dream was Martyn P. Casey’s first tour with the Seeds; his solid bass rhythms mesh perfectly with Tommy Wydler’s drumming. Conway Savage (keyboards/backing vocals), who joined the band in 1990, is in top form here, beautifully weaving his piano melodies into the tapestry of Mick Harvey’s guitar playing. Blixa Bargeld is also superb, his inimitable guitar exerting a satisfying tension between vocals, melody, and the restless, pounding beat.

Nick Cave and the Bads Seeds – Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam 1992

More sparks and magic with ‘The Weeping Song’ and NIXA Trivia …

“The Weeping Song”, which follows, was originally written as a solo for The Good Son album (1990) but Nick changed it to a duet with Blixa Bargeld.  The two men perform the song as a call and response between a father (Blixa) and his son (Nick).  The Paradiso version is among the finest of live Weeping Song renditions.

Nick Cave and the Bads Seeds – The Weeping Song
Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam 1992

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, ‘Live at the Paradiso’, Line Up:

Nick Cave: Vocals; Blixa Bargeld: Guitar; Mick Harvey: Guitar; Conway Savage: Piano; Martyn Casey: Bass; Thomas Wydler: Drums.

Set List
The Mercy Seat
Jack The Ripper
The Ship Song
The Good Son
The Carny
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
The Weeping Song
In The Ghetto
From Her To Eternity
New Morning


15 thoughts on “Live at the Paradiso; Nick & Blixa

  1. Favorite Bad Seeds line up, touring for my favorite Bad Seeds album, playing my favorite Bad Seeds song. You know how to pick the winners 😉

    • Amy, zank you, darlink. Do you mean Weeping Song? I love both, and za whole sing, really. The exchange of glances @1.27 is too beautiful! Sigh…

  2. Thank you, Deb and Caroline, for the information on Murder Ballads, and to Marianne for the valuable link. Good collaborative ‘Fix’! I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to respond to the comments.

  3. has anyone there ever watched this: GREAT AUSTRALIAN ALBUMS 2 – MURDER BALLADS ??

    i was looking up for it over the internet…

    i f***ing miss blixa in the band!!

  4. Aw! In Papa Won’t Leave You Henry you can see Blixa smile when Nick puts his head on his shoulder! So adorable. These are such Nixa videos. and I had always wondered why in these videos Nick is once wearing a shirt and then a suit. Sort of odd to put the two nights together. Fabulous anyway! It gives you the chance to compare both nights.

    • “It gives you the chance to compare both nights.”
      And if you look at it closely, you’ll see wonders…

  5. This is my favourite Bad Seeds concert and my favourite line-up of the band. Nick is a non-stop whirling ball of sexual energy, and the chemistry between the whole band is amazing. I find this concert very red but you get used to it after a while. I return to watching this over and over again.

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