Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Re-issues Delay for U.S.

26 MARCH UPDATE: Update from Mute.  The UK (and International Territories) release date for the four Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Reissues is now 27 April 2009. The US release is 5 May 2009.


19 MARCH, UPDATE:  I’ve just heard from Mute Records.  The U.S. release dates for the four Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Reissues is now May 5th. Here are the links from for each individual album:

Firstborn is Dead | Kicking Against the Pricks | Your Funeral… My Trial | From Her To Eternity

PRICES: $16.98 US per album, buy 3 for $50.94. They are taking pre-orders BUT their page still shows the April 7 release date, which is wrong, according to Mute. Again, US release date has been pushed back to MAY 5th.  (post edited, 26 March 09 2:38 pm – mw)

Under the cut are four MP3s, one from each of the four reissues pictured above.

“Avalanche”:  From Her to Eternity (1984) [Leonard Cohen cover]

“Wanted Man”: Firstborn is Dead  (1985) [Bob Dylan cover]

“Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart”: Kicking Against the Pricks (1986) [Gene Pitney cover]

“Stranger then Kindness” (Live, 1998, The Black Sessions):  Your Funeral, My Trial (1986).

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7 thoughts on “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Re-issues Delay for U.S.

  1. Cassiel, thanks very much for including the article and link. It’s really nice when visitors leave a fix for others to enjoy. A *big hug* for that 🙂

    It’s not clear that Nick himself had a cigarette. It says the whole band went out, and he’s assuming Nick took part and I don’t if he was watching them. Perhaps some smoked and some didn’t?

    I have no idea when he quit smoking. Most of the interviews surrounding the DLD release and subsequent tour made specific note of the fact that Nick Cave no longer smokes. (I recently read he’s had to give up spaghetti sauce. Something to do with his throat. Sounds like acid reflux, poor man. The condition can actually damage your vocal chords.)

    I disagree with the reviewer’s remark about The Weeping Song “[which], in a post-Blixa world, has morphed into a punchy blues rock track, without losing any of the original track’s brilliance.”

    The song was written as a ‘call and response’ between two voices, a structure that works perfectly sense in terms of the lyrics:

    Father, why are all the women weeping?
    They are all weeping for their men.
    Why are all the men there weeping?
    They are weeping back at them.

    Performed as a solo, the song no longer makes sense (he’s answering himself) and certainly lacks the drama and intensity of the original. Frankly, I can’t listen to it anymore. It doesn’t work for me as a ‘punchy blues track’. That said, I certainly agree with Mr. Cave’s right to reinterpret his own material. It’s odd, however, why he persists in performing that song, considering the size of his back catalogue. Curious minds want to know. 😉

    Thanks again for the article/link!

  2. …..

    Speaking of which, today’s InPress (free Melbourne music street press) had a review of Mr Howard w/Mr Harvey at the Ding Dong Lounge last Saturday evening (I didn’t go).

    While I was searching for the article to post here, I found this review from a gig in Melbourne last January (from opposing street paper Beat). The only thing in the article I have issue with is saying Nick went off for an obligitary cigarette. He was actually quite conspicuous in January for his LACK of smoking… anyone know when he gave up?

    “Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
    The Palace Theatre (ex Metro)

    The shocking news of Ron Asheton’s death threw our preparations for tonight’s Nick Cave gig into initial disarray, the most tangible consequence being that we arrived far too late to hear anything substantive from Beast of Bourbon and former Surrealist bass player Brian Hooper’s opening set. We did, however, arrive just in time to hear a jarring final chord – possibly from the epically profane Motherfucking Motherfucker – and to witness Hooper shuffling off the stage.

    Half an hour later, and the Bad Seeds – Mick Harvey, Conway Savage, Tomas Wydler, Jim Sclavunos, James Johnston, Martin Casey and Warren Ellis – sidled onto stage oozing credibility like oil from the hull of the Exxon Valdez. A discernible, but not gratuitous, moment later, Nick Cave wandered on, a cursory glance and a brief wave his only acknowledgement of the rapturous crowd reaction. Cave’s stage persona is something of a paradox; save for a few choice athletic moves, Cave lacks the slick dance moves of many of his contemporaries, yet his mere presence is enough to generate more charisma than a million poorly conceived imitators.

    The set began with a double bill from the Dig Lazarus Dig! , the dark Delta blues styled Night of the Locus Eaters (during which Wydler hit his kit with his bare hands) and rousing title track. Cave continues to embrace his recent guitar hero status, regularly thrashing out minimalist chords true to the punk rock tradition Cave has spent thirty years breathing life into. On Cave’s left, Warren Ellis – still sporting the bushranger beard his fellow Grindermen have since discarded – is every bit the wild colonial rock ’n’ roller, thrusting and gyrating with his trusty mandocaster.

    From there Cave delved into his ridiculously rich back catalogue. The haunting Tupelo, the cascading intensity of The Mercy Seat, the stark and frenetic Red Right Hand and the tragic dialogue of The Weeping Song (which, in a post-Blixa world, has morphed into a punchy blues rock track, without losing any of the original track’s brilliance). The rhythm attack of Wydler, Sclavunos and Casey possesses a Teutonic impenetrability; Harvey, Savage (looking like an eccentric English professor from central casting) and Johnston add the finishing touches with a bare minimum of fuss. Throughout it all, Cave is the ringleader, a paragon of enigmatic intensity, utterly devoid of even a skerrick of pretension.

    Cave and his eminently trusty Bad Seeds left the stage for the obligatory beer and cigarette, before Cave, Wydler and Casey returned for the always tear-jerking Into Your Arms. The rest of the band ambled back on, and after Hard for Your Love, Cave solicited requests, culminating with a bruising rendition of Stagger Lee. The crowd bayed for more – for a brief moment it seemed as if people power summon Cave back for one last outing – but the house music rose to a set threatening level, and the show was over. But the victor on the night was, yet again, Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds.



  3. Any news at all on the Australian release dates? I keep reading about US & UK but have heard nothing about a release date here. Perhaps I should go and see Rowland S. Howard live sometime and ask Mr Harvey while I’m there 😉


    • Not so far, Cassiel. I’ll keep a look out and let you know. Perhaps you might do the mail order thing? I’m waiting for additional info on pricing and availability.

  4. Good luck on your trip to Portural, Rod.

    Update: 19 March
    As far as I know the UK release date of March 31 stands but for Americans it is now a long delay: Mute says the reissues will be released to the US market on MAY 5TH. is taking pre-orders now. See above post for particular.

  5. i am the underdog of cave fans… i am 39 and listen to mr cave since i was 17 (1987), when i got kicking against…

    as i live in brazil, actually in the deep south of brazil, not in são paulo, where he lived early in the nineties, i never got to see the man live, which is my greatest sorrow in my lifetime.

    i think that for the first time i will get a little lucky concerning nick, as i am arriving to work duties in lisbon, portugal, next march 31st – my first planned activity in portugal soil is to find a record store and grab the reissues, which i hope will already be there by this date.

    so, i fell sorry for our fellow american people…

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