Blixa, Nick, Mick, John & Chrissie, too (Open Thread)

Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave and Mick Harvey, creating “Love You Until the End of the World”.  An excerpt from the documentary by Uli M. Schueppel – “The Song”; included on The Road To God Knows Where DVD extras.  I love studio footage for giving fans a glimpse into the creative process.  This is 1991, Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin.

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NOTE: This is an Open Thread, something new for Nick Cave Fixes. If you have news, updates, gossip, tidbits, fyi’s, please post them here. I’ve been asked to provide a ‘forum’ where you folks can post stuff for one another. We’ll try this for the next few Fridays and see how it goes. I have a couple of things, so I’ll start. You are welcome to add on if you’d like. Anonymous posting is enabled so you no longer have to fill in an email address. SpamBot is enabled, as well, so be careful of posting more than 2 links per comment. Cheers!


Backstage at Songwriter’s Circle 1999, here’s Chrissie Hynde, John Cale, & Nick Cave.

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Nick Cave – ‘The Ship Song’ (BBC Broadcast: 07-09-1999)

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7 thoughts on “Blixa, Nick, Mick, John & Chrissie, too (Open Thread)

  1. RE: Grinderman Undies

    ROTFL! I think I expected something more in the way of animals skins. 😀

    Love Polly Borland’s work, thank you for reminding me of her link – the photo in the sidebar has been updated to reflect it. I appreciate you sharing that wonderful anecdote, Cassiel. (comment edited).

  2. We were admiring a 3 story high poster/artwork in Melbourne city yesterday by Polly Borland (on LaTrobe St for you Mebournites!). Talk turned to Polly who was a very old friend of my husband and the friend we were with (before she moved to London a long time ago). And her work with Our Nick. And how successful she has become, now one of the premier portrait photographers in the world.

    Some of you will have seen her website. Some of you will not. Some nice pics of Nick so you may want to wander on over.


  3. For those interested in Jethro Cave, Nick’s eldest son:

    Myer drops Jethro Cave from modelling contract
    Sydney Daily Telegraph
    March 18, 2009

    Jetho Cave – the son of dark rock god Nick Cave – has been dropped by Myer amid claims of erratic behaviour.

    The model, who has appeared in youth campaigns for the store in recent months, was due to star on the runway at the department store’s gala show in Melbourne on Monday.

    But he was cut at short notice after reportedly behaving erratically at rehearsals on Sunday.

    “Look, after the first day of rehearsals it was clear that Jethro was not the right fit for what we want from our models in a Myer parade,” Myer spokesman Mitch Catlin clarified. “His term with Myer ended at the end of Sunday’s rehearsals.”,22049,25201995-5006002,00.html

    Cheekbone du jour Jethro Cave, photo & slideshow
    20 Oct 08

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