Melancholy, Smoke, The Muse, Evil, and a song…

Nick Cave on melancholy, smoking habits, The Muse, the nature of Evil, a quote from Oscar Wilde, and (among other things) his failings at art school … From 1998 and a must-see. Here is “Roy & HG’s Planet Norwich”, Channel 4 UK, interview, and Nick singing “Into My Arms” (from 10.08.98) (in 3 parts).

Part 1

Part 2

Tx to Retina Soup

Part 3

Tx to Sofarfromme !

Aussie raconteurs Roy Slaven & HG Nelson interview various celebrities…

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I write contemporary LGBTQ fiction that explores the dark & light of human love and desire. Interests: Progressive politics, visual arts, vintage illustration, mid-century design. French films, Queer cinema. Literary quotes. J'adore Paris. Ich liebe Berlin.

13 thoughts on “Melancholy, Smoke, The Muse, Evil, and a song…

  1. Hi Vinny,

    I understand exactly what you mean about Nick’s relationship with his Muse, at that time, and his feeling he had misused her. My sense of things is that he’s worked through it and gone beyond the need to flog himself for earning money from his art.

    Personally, I think it has to do with one’s sense of self-worth and making some kind of peace with the commercial use of your art, whatever that might be. I think we all agree Nick Cave is the hardest working man in show business (James Brown’s ‘title’ for many years, rest his soul) and that he deserves all of the success he’s currently enjoying, monetary and otherwise.

    I appreciate you coming back to clarify. Cheers!

  2. It wasn’t in the sense that he was whoring himself for money. It was that he used his muse to whore himself out to make money, which is what really didn’t sit well with Nick. Granted, I don’t think Nick and the Seeds have ever really cared about money, seeing how they change styles every other album and do nothing much for marketing themselves (maybe it’s just this way in the U.S.?). It’s one of the reasons I love them so much. They’re not afraid to do what they want to do. Integrity is a rarity on most band resumes.

  3. It’s great seeing this interview again. And yeah, I also agree with everything that Nick says about society trying to cure sadness and what a crock of crap that is.

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