Nick and Blixa Interview Pt I & 2 (1984)

This interview takes place in Columbus, Ohio, 27 June 1984, on the first Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds American tour. Nick and Blixa are being interviewed by a local DJ for his radio show.  Parts of the dialogue are murky, due to background noise or one of them moving around.  In Blixa’s case, he mumbles a bit and sometimes talks directly to Nick.  This is a precious bit of film and I hope you enjoy it.  In part 2, Barry Adamson and Mick Harvey join the conversation.  I have to be responsible and warn of some rough language but you can handle it. [ Scene opens on Nick trying to borrow a pair of sunglasses because the camera lights are bothering his eyes. Blixa comes in, sits next to him, ignores camera, and immediately asks, “Where is my comb?” Nick ignores him, Blixa mutters, gets up, and a period of chaos follows. ]


Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld, Interview Pt I
Stache’s, Columbus OH, 27 June 1984

Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld, Interview Pt 2
Stache’s, Columbus OH, 27 June 1984

Videos are on YouTube, and can also be viewed on My Channel: Morganwolf5

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15 thoughts on “Nick and Blixa Interview Pt I & 2 (1984)

  1. Yeah, thanks again. I’m so happy that I found this blog, so much stuff I have never seen. The interviewer was a real stupid cunt, as Nick would say. Still this is hilarious.

  2. ““He’s the self-destructive one … ” Then … ?”

    Nick says something about “I really couldn’t tell you about that. I mean, I just drink basic water.” — “With lime in it?” — “Yeah. He’s the self-destructive one. He’s got himself a bottle of -blank- here.”
    That’s what it sounds like to me. Whatever he says, it just seems contextually like a reference to the fact that Blixa’s drinking alcohol while Nick innocently only has a glass of water.

  3. Taylor, no I missed it!!! Thank you! There are a lot of little things that are mumbled or spoken to each other and the sound recording is murky. Good one!

    I’m trying to hear what Nick says about Blixa while he’s drinking his beer, right after he says, “He’s the self-destructive one … ” Then … ?

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