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Nick Cave 1988

Nick the Cat:

‘The Cat Piano’ is an animated short film is narrated by Nick Cave (who also co-produced). The plot sounds dee-vinely Cave-ish:

“A city of singing cats is preyed upon by a shadowy figure intent on performing a twisted feline symphony.”

LINKS: THE PRA  |  The Cat Piano Film Blog

‘Cat Piano’ video clip, ‘Bunny Monroe’ update, ATASTA audiobook, and blog news, under the cut…

Nick Cave – The Cat Piano
Tx to

ATASTA: Here is Caroline’s translation of an interview Nick Cave did for french newspaper Le Figaro, 30 April 2008 regarding Nick’s idea of how to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first novel:

“I would like to redo And the ass saw the angel, to simplify the structure, cut some little things here and there, and read it aloud and put some music with it. It would make 5 hours of recordings : a little 5 CD box set to celebrate in 2009 the 20th anniversary of the novel.” Go here for article.

Bunny Monroe Update:

An unabridged audio CD of Bunny Monroe is set for release in September 2009. Meanwhile Nick Cave recently read aloud from the novel to a select group at the Scottish ‘Limbo’ Club. Canongate plans to release films of Nick’s readings, accompanied by ‘ambient music’ by The Bad Seeds, according to this blog post:

Nick Cave and Byng’s Irregulars
by Hannah Adcock

The crowd was hip, the room had black walls and Nick Cave’s larger-than-life face gazed off-screen as he read from his first novel for almost twenty years, The Death of Bunny Munro.

Nick Fixes Blog Stuff: ‘U-POST IT’ Page

I’ve just created a U-POST IT Bulletin Board Open Thread page for everyone to use.  You don’t have to be a WordPress Member or even logged in.  It’s for fun and information sharing.  If you have news or info about Nick, or just feel like sharing some gossip or what have you, post it in the comments section there.  I will put up a new Bulletin Board page when we get to about 50 or 60 comments and archive them by date.   K?  Enjoy, folks. ~ Morgan

Thanks to Caroline and Laura for the Nick news updates. Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Nick News; U-Post It Page

  1. The cat kinda looks like Nick. 🙂 Meow!!!

    Agree that it’s exciting to hear him read his work. I was listening to ‘Mah Sanctum’ the other night and was entranced by it.

    From what I read it seems Canongate is releasing little film clips of Nick doing the readings. I might be wrong but that’s what it looks like. Perhaps for PR, like the seance clips to promote DLD, which doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.

    The Amazing Mr. Cave is riding a huge wave of popularity right now — I don’t see it breaking any time soon.

  2. Audio books of Bunny and ATASTA read by the man himself is the most exciting news I’ve heard in freakin’ ages.

  3. I’ve been waiting for the Cat’s Piano for so long now. There’s nothing I enjoy more than animated films with a more mature audience in mind.

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