Blixa Bargeld – Rede/speech: A Video Interview

“And I’m not afraid to be funny, either. I’m German. I’m very funny.”
– Blixa Bargeld, April 2009

Rede/speech: A Conversation with Blixa Bargeld
Dir: Federico Fragasso, Published 10 April 2009 by Indie-Eye.IT (25:52 min)

The interview is in English w/Italian subtitles. Around 5.00 minutes in he answers a question about Nicky. I typed up his answer, under the cut. Priceless! 

‘Nick Cave acknowledged he was really impressed by the power of your voice’ …

@5.01 Blixa: “That’s not…that’s not…that’s simply not true…”
(Video cuts to Blixa making shrill dinosaur sounds – careful of ears!)

@5.28 Blixa resumes:
“… he was probably impressed with what I could do with the voice but also, he was enor… he was flattened by one time that I was playing guitar. [? I really do…?) That was like in 1982 or something. We had this recording studio for 24 hours a day and sometimes perhaps late at night me and Nick went to the recording studio — you know just to kill some time and maybe record something — and I played guitar and I think that’s the time he made it that if he was ever going to form another band that I was going to be the guitarist. I think simply because I was so enormously loud.”

@6.08. Blixa (big grins…):  “I don’t think it had anything to do with my voice… ”  😛

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3 thoughts on “Blixa Bargeld – Rede/speech: A Video Interview

  1. Wow… This is so very cool. I wonder if he’ll tour since he doesn’t have all that Ein Neu stuff to carry with him.

    • Thought I post a bunch of odds/ends of Blixa stuff –

      This is the teaser to the above video, but I love it.

      For some reason, I can’t stop watching this 🙂
      Einstürzende Neubauten – Selbstportrait Mit Kater (part 2)
      Life on other planets is difficult!

      This is flat-out wonderful. Blixa sings along with his baby daughter’s heartbeat: Anna (Ravenna – 25 03 2009 )

      Be-bo a lula / She’s my baby
      Be-bop a lula / I don’t mean maybe
      Be-bop a lula / She’s my baby
      Be-bop a lula / I don’t mean maybe
      Be-bop a lula / She’s my baby doll

      (Gene Vincent, 1956)
      I’ve read a couple of good interviews with Blixa on the Rede Speech / ‘Europa Kreuzweise’ Book tour.

      He celebrated his 50th birthday by taking his wife and daughter home to meet his family and friends last December. Aside from his mother, he has a brother and 2 sisters – I’m not sure of nieces and nephews. There were like 200 guests and some chef that he knows offered to cook dinner for everyone as a present to Blixa. It ended up being a huge overblown affair, held in his new house (he says he drove there straight from the airport). He’s doesn’t mind being 50 and isn’t afraid of growing older. The people he’s closest to consider age a mark of distinction, not necessarily a bad thing.

      On keeping his performances sharp: “I practice every morning from 6:30 to 8 am with my daugher.” From what I was able to read so far, he’s doing most of the cooking for the household. They’ve got an organic garden and are into healthy eating. His wife is the business person and I think she still teaches some of the time. It’s his way of doing his share. He talks about being an art professor now, I think at UCLA. Really seems into the domestic role. Wonderful for him.
      More Rede/Speech live performances:

      ‘Europa Kreuzweise’ Rede (15.3.09 Dresden)


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