PinkPop’s 40th; Bad Seeds, 1990

PinkPop’s 40th Birthday is next month so clap that while you enjoy the entire set of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, at PinkPop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands, 4 June 1990.

Chronology note:  Blixa Bargeld and Neubauten perform at Moer’s, Schlosspark, Germany on 2 June 1990. It is one of the last times that he wears his trademark leathers. At PinkPop, he is dressed in a suit, a visible transition to the ‘Bad Seeds’ look, a style that becomes wonderfully eccentric during the mid-90s when he adds a collection of outrageous hats to his wardrobe. The suit is a stylistic demarcation line for EN fans – before and after leathers. Srsly. 😀

I included my observations at the top of each video.  This batch is complete due to my addition of City of Refuge, which was not previously online, and Marco’s inclusion of their wonderful finale, ‘From Her to Eternity’.  One of my favorite shows in spite of the snafus and so-so video quality.


Black Betty/The Witness Song
Intros – Nick gets off to a good start. Bam-a-lam.

Kill that Woman/The Weeping Song
A damn fine vocal on the John Lee Hooker song.  He reaches down deep for this one: those are tears not sweat. When it’s over, he wipes his eyes, trying to pull himself together for the The Weeping Song, a new song for the band who are promoting ‘The Good Son’. As usual, Blixa’s mic isn’t loud enough but don’t they look good together!  Love Nicky’s shy smile when he goofs the lyrics.

The Carny
Blixa’s got amp problems and is starting to lose focus. Nick picks up on his friend’s frustration, frequently checking on him. In spite of the distractions, he delivers a helluva vocal. Absolutely fantastic!

Mercy Seat
Powerful version – they’re are on!

This is good, they’re all into it.  Bopping to the Dark Pop.

The Ship Song
Nick is back into his emotional funk and screws up the lyrics. His voice is choked and the backing vocals are mixed too loud.  By now, Blixa’s thoroughly pissed and walks toward his amp shaking his head.

City of Refuge: My contribution to complete the PinkPop online setlist. You can feel them trying to drive that frothing pony over the finish line.  Just at the end…. something catches fire. Also, this one is filmed from Mick’s side of the stage – good choice because they flip over to Blixa for From Her to Eternity. Great shots of Conway and his magical keyboard work in Refuge. Enjoy (sorry the qual’s not better.)

The finale.  The musicians are whaling on their instruments, notably a charged-up Blixa Bargeld, who blazes through the song while keeping a baleful eye on Nick.  [His glare @4.30 says “Do not f*ck this up!”]  If you’ve watched the entire concert, you get what I mean. Watch:

From Her to Eternity – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (LIVE)
Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands, 4 June 1990

Tx to thesoulbreath

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, PinkPop 1990 Set List:

Black Betty
The Witness Song
I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
The Weeping Song
The Carny
The Mercy Seat
The Ship Song
City Of Refuge
From Her To Eternity

Happy 40th, PinkPop!

In 2009 Pinkpop will take place for the 40th time, a unique record. Pinkpop has even been included in the Guinness Book of Records since 1990 as the longest-running uninterrupted organized pop festival in Europe (and of the world, according to many). The first edition took place on the 18th of May 1970 in Geleen, where Pinkpop was held 17 times. In 1987 the location was changed to Baarlo once. From 1988, Pinkpop was held at Megaland event grounds in the council of Landgraaf, and Pinkpop will be held there for the 22nd time in 2009. Advance ticket sales are planned to start on Saturday the 7th of March, the traditional press presentation will as usual be held on Wednesday the 4th of March in pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam. For more information:
[From PinkPop’s MySpace page.]

I wish I could be there — Depeche Mode will close Sunday 31 May.

*Post updated 10 Dec 09 – MW


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