‘Well of Misery’ – with the Cavemen

Nick Cave & the Cavemen: “Well of Misery”
Live at Electric Ballroom, London 12 April 1984

(Broadcast on Spanish TV La Edad De Oro, w/subtitles)

Line up: Nick Cave – Vocals, Mick Harvey – Drums, Blixa Bargeld – Guitar, Barry Adamson – Bass, Hugo Race – Guitar


Nick Cave 1984 by Philippe Carly (2)

Nick Cave 1984 by Philippe Carly (1)

Nick Cave 1984 by Philippe Carly (3)

The above photos by Philippe Carly are samples of the gorgeous images shot two weeks later at the Nick Cave and the Cavemen show at Meervaart, Amsterdam, NL on 21st April 1984.  [Used with kind permission.] The collection is online at New Wave Photos.com. Donations are welcome.

*Massive thanks to Caroline as original finder of the “Well of Misery” video.
*Thanks to From the Archives for the details of these these shows.

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15 thoughts on “‘Well of Misery’ – with the Cavemen

  1. Much better version of “I Put a Spell on You” (from La Edad de Oro, Spanish TV broadcast, 1984, same tour with Nick Cave and the Cavemen before they became Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)

  2. love this footage. and my fave nick shirt. with red roses all over it. he looks absolutely stunning. nice to see hugo as well. 🙂 philip carly’s photos are sensational aren’t they.

    • This 1984 footage is priceless. It’s not the best show but the not-yet-formed Bad Seeds are finding their footing with one another. Hugo doesn’t stay on the tour – he’s gone by the second leg and the 666 Barcelona concert. Notice Blixa brings his pint of vodka up on stage, discreetly sets it down, then joins Barry with the backing vocals. 😉

      Yep, love Nick’s shirt. Was that one that Anita made? I can’t recall. Such a talented woman – songwriting, costume design, and overall creative vision. A true muse, who has not received adequate credit for all she put in to the Bad Seeds. Many people still do not she wrote ‘Stranger than Kindness’, not to mention the numerous Birthday Party lyrics. (I have to post something about that in the Mutiny Sessions video thread.)

      Philippe Carly’s photos are among the best available from that wonderful era. So many to choose from at his website that I pretty much randomly selected what you see here. Wonderful. 🙂

      • no that is not the shirt anita made. i have a pic of it. not sure if i put it on flickr or not. if not i will put it up or send it to you….. one or the other.

        • Thanks. Speaking of Flickr I was visiting your stream the other day and ogling the rose photos. What sumptous, rich, intense colors.

          ‘bruised roses dying there’. Did you write that exquisite poem? “Rim of it: poisoned with carrion kisses”.
          bruised roses dying there

          ‘the lovers’ This reminded me of a certain twosome. The shadows, the print of the quilt, the heart shape – all at once beautiful and tragic. Perfect.
          the lovers

          ‘roses’ Simple composition but powerfully elegant. Deep color saturation. The reds reminds of vintage lipsticks, the tints they no longer make.

          Altogether wonderful. Fantastic eyes.

          • thanks morgan. that particular poem was written by muriel stuart and is called THE CHALICE OF CIRCE

            it is so beautiful. i love it. you can read it in its entirety here:

            yes the lovers. perhaps resting and nuzzling each other for the last time. velvety soft and fragile, hanging on to the last remnants of what was. holding the very last of the sweetest perfume ever made between them.

            the shirt anita made for nick here:

          • Love the shirt! When did he wear that, I wonder?

            Such romantic imagery. The rose seems a perfect floral metaphor for the cycle of love. The early budding rose, pink and dew-drenched, is new love. The deepened red hues and rich perfumes of the ripe rose is mature love, satisfying and intoxicating. It saturates itself with such overwhelming beauty that it is crushed, bruised, and wilted by the unbearable intensity of love itself. The rose seems too human – perhaps this is why we cherish it as a love symbol?

  3. The photos are fantastic! Great site that photographer has.

    Haven’t had a chance to view the footage yet but will on the weekend, thanks! (I can tell it’s the same gig as the Ghetto clip I posted earlier in the week 😀 )

    • I adore Philippe Carly’s photos – I could linger over there for hours. Lovely! When I sent Mr. Carly a note telling him I was going to post these, I’m afraid I gushed a bit. 😀 That second photo? The sequins on his jacket glitter like he’s got stars pinned to his chest. Stunning.

      To answer your question, yes, it is the same show. Four songs from the set were filmed at the Electric Ballroom and broadcast on Spanish TV, on “La Edad De Oro”: I Put A Spell On You, Well Of Misery, Mutiny In Heaven, and In The Ghetto. (All of them are up on YouTube in one form or another.) I was lucky to have this copy. It’s in great condition. Some of the image quality is lost when you post to YouTube in Flash format. It’s the nature of video compression.

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