A ‘Bunny Munro’ Nick Lit Fix

Updates on The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave, published 3 Sept 2009, Canongate Books Ltd, in Hardcover & Audio CD formats.  Order UK edition  |  View US edition

Death of Bunny Munro (UK Edition)Death of Bunny Munro (US Edition)

Death of Bunny Munro Reviews:

‘Put Cormac McCarthy, Franz Kafka and Benny Hill together in a Brighton seaside guesthouse and they might just come up with The Death of Bunny Munro. As it stands though, this novel emerges emphatically as the work of one of the great cross-genre storytellers of our age; a compulsive read possessing all Nick Cave’s trademark horror and humanity, often thinly disguised in a galloping, playful romp.’  IRVINE WELSH, Trainspotting

‘Cocksman, Salesman, Deadman; Bunny Munro might not be Everyman, but every man ought to read this book. And read it half in stitches, half in tears, and with the same horror and the same recognition that you usually only face in the mirror on the morning after. Or maybe that’s just this man.’  DAVID PEACE, The Damned Utd

‘Cave stands as one of the great writers on love of our era.’  WILL SELF


Limbo 19th Mar | Limbo and Canongate Books present IRREGULAR #1

Author Photo: Nick Cave by Gareth Evans

Last week saw the launch of Limbo’s new IRREGULAR collaboration with Canongate Books and highly irregular it was …. The lights went down for this bit; Nick Cave has made videos of himself reading passages from his not-yet-published novel, The Death of Bunny Munro, a hellish and madcap story about a salesman in search of a soul. Filmed by acclaimed directors, with custom-made soundtracks (never publicly screened before last Thursday), the projections show Nick in an unfamiliar guise – the novelist, but also the actor. Rolling Stone’s comment that ‘Nick Cave will obviously live forever, just because the Devil’s scared of him’ is called to mind – but even so, Bunny went down a storm and mesmerised us into thrilled, open-mouthed glee. It takes a lot to shock IRREGULAR people. (Account of the first gathering of Jamie Byng’s ‘Irregulars’)


*Ed note:  Hannah Adcock’s blogpost is cited in Nick News (6 April 2009).

NICK CAVE by Lindzee Smith, BOMB Magazine, Issue 31 Spring 1990

Nick Cave by Polly Borland, BOMB Issue 31, Spring 1990 INTERVIEW Retrospective: And The Ass Saw the Angel

LS I wrote down the word ecstasy. I got this feeling of being ex stasis—when I was reading the book… I felt some kind of ecstasy was driving the book along.

NC I wrote in a very disciplined manner, really considered. I wrote with a pen first and organized each sentence to the very best I could and then typed it out and worked on the next sentence.

In the actual realization of the story, in terms of the character, I found myself becoming more and more obsessed with Euchrod. More and more becoming his character. There was a definite change in the way I related to to other people. The more I concerned myself with writing the book, which I had to do in four-month chunks, and then go off with the band, the more I became involved and obsessed and like him in my habits: more and more reclusive. It became like “method writing.”

LS You become the character and the character becomes you.

NC I had this situation in Berlin when I wrote this book. I had this room which was so pungent with obsessiveness toward the book. In ways which you can understand. It was very insular. I can’t talk about this too much in that it opens up lots of things I don’t really want to talk about. It was a very obsessive period for me.

LS I’m really impressed by the use of language. The book reads like a long lyric sheet from one of your albums. The song “Mercy Seat”—the driving insistence, its relentlessness—driving, driving, driving. The book has a similar quality. Can you see it as a long song? You constantly work with onomatopoeia, alliteration—other poetic devices.

NC I can’t help but do that. I’ve been writing songs for a long time and I definitely have that feel with words. I understand that that might be difficult to tolerate over a long period of time. I enjoy books that are written in a matter of fact, unpretentious style. At the same time, I wanted to write a book with my own voice. The whole process of writing a song is very different, very different. GO TO ARTICLE

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25 thoughts on “A ‘Bunny Munro’ Nick Lit Fix

  1. ‘BUNNY MUNRO’ UPDATES Sept 1st – Sept 8:
    (cross posted to Bulletin Board)


    Nick Cave releases soundtrack for novel ‘The Death Of Bunny Munro’

    Fans can hear the soundtrack on the audio version of the book, which is available to buy from the iPhone App Store now. As well as the audiobook featuring the soundtrack, the app includes an enhanced e-book and videos of Cave reading ‘The Death Of Bunny Munro’.

    Cave worked with his long-time musical collaborator Warren Ellis on the soundtrack, which was produced and sound-directed by artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

    “The fact that the reader can choose his or her own experience is interesting because the true meaning of a book lies in the reader’s own interpretation and the circumstances of that interpretation,” said Cave.

    Speaking of the soundtrack, Forsyth and Pollard remarked that the project offers users a 3D listening experience. “We’ve not heard anything like this before – the result sits somewhere between a film soundtrack, a radio play and an hallucination.” READ IT

    iPHONE :
    Canongate creates i app for Nick Cave
    (Bookseller.com, 07.09.09, by Catherine Neilan)

    Canongate has created an iPhone App for the Nick Cave novel The Death of Bunny Munro, which will include an enhanced e-book, a “cutting-edge” audiobook and videos of Cave reading excerpts …

    The publisher described it as “a landmark release of a book for which Nick Cave wrote the first chapter on his own iPhone”.

    Peter Collingridge, co-founder of e-book production house Enhanced Editions, said: “We are seizing the opportunity presented by the revolutionary iPhone to offer consumers a more immersive and memorable reading experience than current e-readers, whilst honouring the best traditions of book design.

    “We are confident that this enhanced edition of Nick’s brilliant novel will bring new readers to the book who will also be delighted by the audio and visual features.”

    Cave added: “Enhanced Editions have brilliantly entwined reading, listening to and viewing the story.”

    The unabridged audiobook and written text are synchronised, allowing the reader to switch from reading to listening without losing their place. Other features include being able to receive exclusive news from the author, scrolling the text by tilting the device and the option to share quotes from the book with others by email.

    The app has been developed in partnership with Faber in the US, HarperCollins in Canada and Text Publishing in Australia. It is available for £14.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch or the iTunes app store. A free version featuring three chapters from the book and one video is also available. The audiobook is also available to download from iTunes for £14.95

    Fans can hear the soundtrack on the audio version of the book, which is available to buy from the iPhone App Store now. … As well as the audiobook featuring the soundtrack, the app includes an enhanced e-book and videos of Cave reading ‘The Death Of Bunny Munro’.

    BOOK SIGNING, New York City

    Barnes & Noble`s Acclaimed “Upstairs at the Square” Series To Feature Nick Cave on Monday, September 14

    NEW YORK Barnes & Noble, Inc., the world`s largest bookseller, today announced the next edition of its hit series, “Upstairs at the Square” … at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in Manhattan (33 East 17th Street at Union Square). On Monday, September 14th, at 7 p.m., Nick Cave, author of The Death of Bunny Munro (Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Faber Inc., September 1), will join cultural journalist Katherine Lanpher. Admission is free, and no tickets are required. Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. READ MORE

    Back to black: Nick Cave on pens, prose and rock’n’roll

    ‘Writing his first novel almost killed Nick Cave, the rock’n’roller says. He is in a better place now: Hove. But that has only served to make his work darker’ (PHOTO)- By Fiona Sturges, Sunday, 6 September 2009, GO TO ARTICLE

    Morgan Note: I will cross post ‘Bunny Munro’ news here and on the BB – to accomodate our regular plus people arriving here by search engine. 🙂

  2. As Nick’s editor at Canongate I can confirm that, yes indeed, the audiobook is not only read by Mr Cave, but also has a specially devised soundtrack form Nick and Warren that scores the entire unabridged reading.

    As for samples of the book, in text and video formats, this might be of interest:

    Well worth the 20 year wait I hope you’ll agree…

  3. Ha HA! After wondering what the Australian cover for the release was going to be… I’ve just found out.

    We win LOL!!

    Click here for the book cover and here for more info and a link to an Aussie pre-order PDF.

  4. I could poop myself with how happy the idea of Nick reading an entire book makes me. I could. But I won’t, because I’m a classy lady.

  5. What’s with the 2 covers pictured here? The left hand one has Polly Borland written all over it

    Are they two proposed covers that haven’t been decided on yet?

    • I think the one on the left (white furry bunny) is the UK Edition, and the one on the right (stagger lee badass bunny) is the US edition.

      • Thanks for the clarification, SoFar. Yep, White rabbit cover, UK. Funky Stag cover, US. Says a lot about our marketing pref’s donnit? 😛

        Cass, fyi, I usually put a title on all the graphics but they’re only visible with a mouse-over. Sorry for the confusion. The Bunny post involved a funky layout so I didn’t want to clutter it up too much.

  6. This promises to be a great autumn what with the release of Bunny Munro in September and The Road (and asoundtrack) in October.

    Canongate have confirmed there will be a book tour so hopefully some autograph opportunities.

    I am going to the Nick Cave Q and A at the BFI Sothbank next month. Anyone else going. Sounds great!

  7. does anyone know if nick is doing the narration on the audio version. – pardon my stupidity if it is obvious somewhere that he is narrating. 🙂

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