Torch – Marc, Blixa, Nick

Soft Cell – Torch (Live TOTP Christmas Party 1982)
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TORCH SONG SATURDAY ‘Torch’ is one of my favorite Soft Cell videos and it serves a dual purpose on this Saturday night. First, it gives me an excuse to publish this lovely and provocative photo of Blixa Bargeld and Marc Almond, date unknown.  And it gives me a theme for this Video Open Thread. I’m unsure whether visitors can drop YouTube links into the comments and have them show up embedded. If it works, you folks are more than welcome to add your favs. It’s a fun way to recommend stuff to one another and create an ongoing video gallery. CHECK COMMENTS FOR ADDITIONAL CLIPS.

Marc, Nick, Blixa, and more under the cut

Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf (Live 1982)
I would like you on a long black leash
I would parade you down the High Street

*Censored version HERE.

If you dig Marc’s music, hit these links.  See below for books & interviews:


Nick Cave & Marc Almond
Nick Cave & Marc Almond 1983

On ‘The Immaculate Consumptive’ (1982) performances with Nick Cave: It was one of those things that you had to hear about more than actually see. It’s become better with legend and the test of time. Everyone goes “Were you there? No, I wasn’t there but I heard it was really amazing.” It’s best kept that way in people’s imaginations. I’m glad it wasn’t recorded. I think it came together because Lydia found a way of getting a huge exorbitant fee from Danceteria for bringing us all together. None of us knew why we were there. Lydia seemed to know why we were there. She had a strategy of paying the rent that month. It was a very shambolic cabaret, and Nick stole the show, so we all hated him after that. He did this mind blowing version of “In The Ghetto” so we were all sick after that.


Tainted Life: The Autobiography (2000)

A Tainted Life: The Autobiography (2000)

The autobiography of the eighties pop star Marc Almond. An intimate portrait of the star-making abilities of eighties personalities and the frank story of rising from a fall from commercial grace to rebuild a new career with dignity, and living life in a world of rumours, some cultivated, many not.

Beautiful Twisted Night - Marc Almond (2000)

Beautiful Twisted Night (Poetry) (2000)

Marc Almond’s writing – verse and prose – concentrates on the city, the night, red light and low life, the same scenes which appear in his lyrics. ‘Prostitutes, hustlers, porn stars, strippers, gangsters, pimps, dominatrixes, transsexuals, madams, sub-culture celebrities, superstars…’ He burst into prominence in the early 1980s with Dave Ball with the first successful British electro-duo – Soft Cell. They mixed disco and northern soul with lyrics of melancholy stories of low-life characters, bedsit life and city survival, and thus set the blueprint for groups such as The Pet Shop Boys, Blur, Pulp and Suede. Marc spent the 1980s producing a range of albums, always surprising and taking his audience in new directions. Dirt and glitter continue to be common themes in his work, as are the love and romance and loneliness of city life and the hopes, dreams and unfulfilled aspirations of the city’s inhabitants, from the bordello to the high-rise. [Editorial Review]

In Search of the Pleasure Palace: Disreputable Travels (2005)

In Search of the Pleasure Palace (2005)

[This book is] Marc Almond’s quest for meaning in the “Indian summer” of his career, as he revisits scenes of his misspent youth. From swingers’ nights in Croydon to the lost haunts of Barcelona, the surreal underbelly of Russia to the pre-Giuliani clean-up of New York, Marc is your wryly observant guide. Join him on an acerbic, shockingly indiscreet journey of self-discovery.


  • Give This Man An Oscar: The Wilde Side of Marc Almond
    Barney Hoskyns, NME, 6 August 1983 — MARC ALMOND is very screwed up about being a pop star, which is what comes of hanging around Nick Cave and Genesis P. Orridge.
  • Marc Almond: The Innocent Exhibitionist
    Phil Sutcliffe, Q, August 1992  –  His search for inner fulfillment took him to places that respectable folk would sooner not know about. Now Marc Almond has decided where he truly feels at home. “I always loved the spotlight,” he tells Phil Sutcliffe. “I didn’t feel the outsider. People gave me their love.”

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  1. I’ve got – and still love – the 12″ Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go, a great original mash of songs!! That Sex Dwarf clip is hilarous!

    • Soft Cell – Ghost Rider with Clint Ruin (for Jaime)

      Soft Cell – The Soul Inside (same gig)

      Immaculate Consumptive Interview on Videowave -October 1983 (the infamous drunken Nick Cave & Clint Ruin interview we’ve all seen but so what…)

      Soft Cell – Youth

      Marc Almond – The Idol

      Marc Almond – Black Kiss (live 2000)

      Marc Almond –
      Beautiful Brutal Thing (Live 1993)

      • Soft Cell – Youth (Live 1982)
        Old Grey Whistle Test

        Soft Cell – Heat (Oxford Road Show 1983)

        Marc Almond & the Willing Sinners – Ugly Head (Live 1984)

        Marc Almond & the Willing Sinners – Always (Live 1984)

        Marc Almond – Brilliant Creatures (Live 1996)

        • Cool, cool. I love that little inebriated thing. . .haha. It looks like she took the Joy Division comment seriously. What’s worse is I’ve seen people say “well Nick Cave said he was inspired by them”. . .they were probably referring to this video, haha. I am just not into Joy Division, personally. If I want painfully gloomy, I go for Swans. Which doesn’t work chronologically, but hey, fuck it.

          There should be a thread dedicated to Nick’s love for telling err, mischievous lies. I believed the one about the story behind Deanna (you know, where he said it was about this girl who killed a teacher who molested her or something). And there’s always the one about being born with a tail. . .haha.

          • Never mind, no she didn’t. I wrote the post from memory and -then- re-watched the clip. . .I am a backward creature. The rest of the post stays!

            As for the Sickman thing in another post, I guess it is, but “Scum” is definitely not a retaliation. Man though, I fucking love Foetus. Sometimes I listen to Foetus like it’s my job. Usually Love (despite people saying it’s not good). I like the video for (not adam), even though I usually roll my eyes at stuff like that.

  2. I love this site, best place on the web. Thanx for your effort. About Immaculate consumption, Was that the only thing that Nick and Foetus worked on together? Is the foetus song “Sick Man” really about Nick? And if so, would “Scum” be Nick´s reply? I would like to know more about the relationship of Nick and J.G.

    I went to see the Nick Cave Theatrical Concert in Copenhagen in february, where the songs were interpreted to danish it was great.

    I am trying to put in a link to the theatre concert, don’t know if i’m doing it right

    • Thanks, Herr G. Yes, the embedded video works fine. I find if I just drop the link and publish the comment, it comes up. Must be WordPress’s new and improved video interface. 🙂

      Immaculate Consumptive had three performances, as far as I know. Check out From the Archives – he’s got a detailed Chronology. I’m not an expert on Foetus but I’m betting someone out there will have an answer for you. As far as I know, “Scum” is about Nick’s disgust for the music press.

  3. You forgot this, definitely essential for Cave connections:

    I love this. “Mr. Clint Ruin on guest vocals. . .” Cue crazy screaming. Teehee. The performance is fun, too. (It’s Marc Almond and Jim Thirlwell performing Ghost Rider, by the way.)

    I wish all the Immaculate Consumptives stuff didn’t sound like shit. I love everyone in that band but Lydia Lunch. . .I think I was scarred reading her little sexual memoir featuring Nick when I was twelve or something. “Nick Cave’s fist. . .in. . .oh. . .OH GOD, HIS HANDS ARE HUGE. . .(expression of horror)” I guess my view of her was only affected because she’s the one who published that little tidbit.

    Or, you know, I just don’t like her voice. But realistically, I think she just made a. . .strange. . .first impression.

    • Thanks for this one, it is essential! Love the dancing in Ghost Rider.

      Lydia’s ‘essay’ makes for interesting reading. We all want to know details. I love her descriptions of him as a reeking, stinking, absolutely filthy and vile junkie who comes over to hustle her for money and she still wants him. She has to nag and beg him for it. Of course he brutalized her. He gave her exactly what she wanted. I can see why that would disturb a 12 year old. When I was 12 I thought kissing was gross if the tongue was involved. 😉

      I just found the censored version of Sex Dwarf. OMFG. Click the title, I can’t embed it. About that ending! Marc … tres sleazy! I love him! 😀 That video won’t be up for long.

      Wow, I watched about 30 or 40 vids tonight – can’t believe the treasures people saved from the 80s!

      Meet Murder My Angel


      Tainted Love – Rare Demo 1980

      Bronski Beat & Marc Almond – I Feel Love (Live 1985)

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