Blixa will read Bunny in Hamburg

Duetting: Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld, circa 1994
Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld in 1994, performing Where the Wild Roses Grow

An Evening Of Reading, Music and Conversation with Nick Cave
The Death Of Bunny Munro

As lead singer of The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds and Grinderman, Nick Cave has been performing music for more than 30 years. And even though his career as an author was much less active over the years, he did begin one 20 years ago with his debut novel “And the Ass Saw the Angel”. His second novel “The Death of Bunny Munro” is going to be released in Germany on September, 24th 2009 and will be presented in a very special way at Hamburg’s Kampnagel. Nick Cave will not only read selected extracts from his new novel accompanied by live music from Warren Ellis and Martyn Casey, but will be joined by his friend and long-term member of The Bad Seeds, Blixa Bargeld. The lead singer of Einstürzende Neubauten, who read in the German audiobook, is as well reading extracts of the book during the evening. Moreover the musicians will play a selection of songs from Cave’s extensive catalogue and fans will be given the rare opportunity to interact with the shows, as Cave takes questions from the audience. VENUE/TIX/LINK

Der Tod Des Bunny Munro

By Nick Cave

German Edition Audio Book

Sprecher: Blixa Bargeld

(6 CDs | 427 min)

Blixa Bargeld, Rede Speech performance, Italy 2009. Photo: RanessaBlixa Bargeld, Rede Speech Tour 2009, by Ranessa


No, we won’t be weeping long…

Blixa onstage with Grinderman @ Slim’s, San Francisco, 2007
Blixa Bargeld, onstage with Grinderman, San Francisco, 2007
Nick Cave, Waterstone’s, London 8 Sep 2009. Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty ImagesNick Cave, London, 8th Sept 2009 (Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

A Night With Nick Cave

Nick Cave has announced a series of events throughout Europe to coincide with the publication of The Death of Bunny Munro. Taking place in intimate theatre settings these unique shows will be a mix of readings and live music, with Cave joined by Warren Ellis and Martyn Casey.

  • 11th October: Palace Theatre, London, UK. Tickets on sale 7th September.
  • 12th October: Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland. Tickets on sale 10th September.
  • 13th October: Picture House, Edinburgh, UK. Tickets on sale 7th September.
  • 14th October: Royal Theater Carre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tickets on sale 12th September.
  • 15th October: Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium. Tickets on sale 19th September.
  • 17th October: Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany. Tickets on sale 11th September.
  • 19th October: Theatre Marigny, Paris, France. Tickets on sale 10th September.
  • 20th October: China Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden. Tickets on sale 10th September.
  • 22nd October: Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, Italy. Tickets on sale 7th September.
  • 24th October: Casino Alianca Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain. Tickets on sale 15th September.
  • 25th October: Palace Theatre, London, UK. Tickets on sale 7th September.


  1. ‘Bunny Munro’ Events:
  2. Audiobook Chapters:  (up to ch 4)
  3. Videos: (ch 17) 
  4. nickcaveandthebadseeds forum discussion on Bunny Munro:


19 thoughts on “Blixa will read Bunny in Hamburg

  1. As I saw in the great Blixa-Post you already got the important information about Nick praying that his man Blixa should come back 😀

    I was SO exited that evening, my head turned into a tomato when i sat down on my seat in front row directly in front of Warren, which was great, he is such a genius with all his instruments. In the first question-part i said something to my neighbor and raised my arm while talking, Casey must have seen that, looked at me and said: “Oh that girl there has a question”, smiling at me. I thought: Oh fuck, i have no real question – the only thing that was in my mind was: Fucking seurity, i want to take photos. Luckily Nick was answering another one at that moment at the other side of the stage ;D

    Blixa was amazing and really cool as always. His reading was so ironic and funny, i laughed my ass off. They kissed and hugged each other quite often, it was cute. While Blixa was reading his chapter alone on stage i saw Nick standing and smoking at the side of the stage, watching it all the time even if he does not speak german, he looked so young in that moment, because his face was shadowy and he was floundering in his typical way there…really special in some kind of way that moment, because it seemed to me so lovely how much interest he has for his old friend and also how much respect.

    Why Nick said that with the altar for Blixa was, because a woman in the audience asked how it is to be on stage with Blixa now again since they are DIVORCED and if it is difficult for him. The woman felt sorry for her bad Englisch. Nick was a bit confused at the beginning of course, not knowing which divorce she meant 😉

    I was a funny and lovely evening. A bit too relaxed for my taste, we all had no real chance to stand up (i badly wanted that because i was exited, the chair was really fucked and my neck was twisted :D), the music was not very loud..but ok…it was no concert of course, i knew that and it was really good, special and unique. I dont really want to complain about something 😉

      • Oh no i didn`t see Blixas wife or daughter. His daughter must be really beautiful 😀

        There were some press-people with huge cams, i hope they took pictures. I have managed it to take some pictures – not very good ones, because of my cam, the light and the security guys, looking very grim at everybody who took pictures and if we took to much, but some people took some good ones, i found some in the german nick cave board, one is the nice nixa-pic you linked i think. Then you surely also have seen the other few ones.

        I`m going to upload my photos as well the next days and show them, but they are really not that impressive, but good for personal memory 😉 I also missed Blixa because i was so busy watching, listening and beeing exited about that whole thing, i`m glad someone filmed a little bit of it.

        I found one pressphoto of Nick by Hamburger Abendblatt:

  2. Here’s a blog entry from studio where Blixa was recording the Bunny Munro book. On Aug 9, the post indicates Blixa had been there for 4 days ‘working on a book’. Nic Atamantiuk was engineering. PHOTO HERE Caption: An intense individual to say the least. 😀

    Love how this ties up so many loose ends:

    Blixa Bargeld and Nick Cave together again at last… in book form?

    Cave, the singer/composer/author whose latest novel, The Death Of Bunny Munro, brought him to Toronto for a public signing event this week, has announced that his former bandmate Bargeld was tapped to read the story aloud for the German audiobook.

    Fans of the iconic Bad seeds guitarist, who left Cave’s side in 2003, will be able to hear Bargeld narrating Bunny Munro as of Saturday. He’ll be accompanied by Cave and his current righthand man, violin player Warren Ellis. Cave tells CHARTattack it was the German publishers idea but that he was all for it.

    “I’m really very, very pleased that Blixa wants to do it,” said Cave. “It means, I assume, that he likes the book, which means a huge amount to me. I see Blixa off and on, but now I get a chance to kind of work with him again.”

    The Bunny Munro audiobook is a fairly extensive project involving an original score by Cave and Ellis. The hallucinogenic story follows a travelling salesman with a drug addiction and unchecked libido careening towards his doom. The original language version is narrated by Cave himself and features special effects and a 3-D sound mix for immersive listening.

    “Every time I talk about the audiobook I feel like I’m doing a ‘plug’ for it,” admits Cave. “But I’m genuinely excited about it. I feel that Warren and I, along with the artists who helped produce it and the company that did the spatialized sonic wizardry, have done something that’s never been done before. It is a revolutionary thing and it’s really beautiful.”

    Bunny Munro, German audiobook version, read by Blixa Bargeld

  3. I wasn’t sure where to put this but I think a thread about Nick and Blixa is appropriate. Caroline has this terrific post up at Nick Cave Collection: Viva la poesia (Book + CD) that you simply must-see. Scans galore to entice the eye and enchant those with an hunger for fine Cave collectibles. Well done! The kind of post I think many people would love to see more of.

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