i’m the bad motherf*cker doncha know?

Stagger Lee (Official Promo 1995)

Derek McCulloch, author of the graphic novel, ‘Stagger Lee’, cover pictured at left, writes:

Stagger Lee – Nick Cave: Probably the most unsparing version ever recorded, Cave’s rendition is a musical transcription of a prison toast (a pre-rap spoken word form) that’s been around for decades. I only say it’s “probably” the most unsparing version on the off-chance that someone else set the toast to music and I haven’t yet heard it. Here, Stag is boiled down to a quintessence of pride and aggression. To say this Stagger Lee takes no shit is like saying the Atacama desert is a tad dry.

 “He said, ‘Mr. Motherf*cker, you know who I am?’/The barkeeper said, ‘No, and I don’t give a good goddamn.’”

SEE: “Book Notes: Derek McCulloch” at Largehearted Boy’s Blog (from 2007)

Stagger Lee Book  (official site) by Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix 

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – French TV – 1996

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13 thoughts on “i’m the bad motherf*cker doncha know?

  1. A curiosity – Polish interpretation of Stag!

    Wow, the translation is just *very* adequate and properly juicy and the guy singing IMHO managed to fulfil this motherf*cking hard task! No surprise he won the Actors’ Song Contest this year.

    Oh and did I mention that Poland boasts enormously strong Cult of Sir Nick? I am a relatively new follower but I’ve been worshipping Blixa for many many years.

  2. One of the things I like about this song, and Murder Ballads in general, is the creative character Nick embodies for each song. Stag, Curse of Millhaven, Wild Rose, etc. it’s something I really like about Cave, in that such a short narrative of a song, he fleshes out characters so, so much.
    And I cannot get over the line “I’d crawl over fifty good pussies just to get to one fat boy’s asshole.” That is pure genius right there.

  3. I watched Stagger Lee with my son (he’s two and a half) and he loved it! He cried when I didn’t let him watch it over and over again, “I want Pink Nickej” he said. He also pointed out “Bliska” (he can’t pronounce X) and really liked his scream in the end. 🙂 Btw Neubautens Dingsaller is one of my son’s favourite-songs, he sings it quite often, so did my daughter when she was about the same age.

  4. Glad you ladies enjoyed the Stag fix. Ditto on the ‘funny/sexy/dangerous’. Like you, Laura, this video sealed my fate as a Nick Cave devotee.

    I added a motherf*cking fix at the bottom. 🙂 This one is brought to you by our new seasonal mascot, ‘Fixie the Pumpkin’, who will appear in various guises from now until Halloween Night. ‘Fixie’ has a massive crush on Stag and insisted on offering her innards for you to grope and pillage on his behalf. Click to see what’s inside her! Muhaaaaaaa!

  5. This is definitely one of my favorite Bad Seeds songs – made even more special as last October when I went to see them with friends Nick caressed my cheek during this number (I was up in the very front row, hehe).

  6. This is the video that made me a Nick Cave fan. I thought it was the funniest, sexiest, and most dangerous thing I’d ever seen or heard, and I remember thinking “Who the F*CK is this Nick Cave guy? There’s no one else like him on the planet!”
    An opinion I still hold. 😀
    Nice post!

  7. Oh, fangasm.

    I love Stag – from a safe distance. He’s like a bushfire.

    Beautiful stills. I especially like Blixa exhaling smoke, and the shoes.

    And although I think it’s awesome that Nick wore that t-shirt to take the piss out of MTV boy band music videos (or at least that’s what I’m told), this particular t-shirt would suit Stag to a tee.


    Thanks for this motherf*cking upload.

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