These Immortal Souls (Live 1996)

These Immortal Souls – Marry Me (Live in Melbourne, 1996)

Band:  These Immortal Souls, live in Melbourne, 1996.
Lineup:  Rowland S Howard: Vocals, guitar. Genevieve McGuckin: Keyboards. Harry Howard: Bass. Craig Williamson: Drums
Venue/Set List: No information beyond what accompanies these videos.
Uploader: 72rawkdawg  (Thanks!!!)  

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These Immortal Souls: Crowned (Live in Melbourne, 1996)

These Immortal Souls: King of Kalifornia (Live in Melbourne, 1996)

These Immortal Souls – All My Trials (Live in Melbourne, 1996)

These Immortal Souls – Panic Moon (Live in Melbourne, 1996)


Rowland S. Howard (Photo by Robert Carbone 2009)

The following info is re-posted from a previous ‘Fix’:  

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Edited 29 Dec 09 by Morgan.

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4 thoughts on “These Immortal Souls (Live 1996)

  1. Rowland is simply one of the greatest gifts to music we’ve ever had. As a new fan of all these Aussies 😀 it’s clearly taken me awhile to get here, but damn, you hear a Rowland song and it’s an instant classic. Maybe a better way to put it is it was with you always and it’ll be with you forever 😀

  2. i love “marry me”. i still remember when it was released and the “official” vid for it. the crazy keyboards make me feel all swirly in the head. like one of those chiming twinkling kids toys that never fall over. i like this live version and the person that says “we’re here rowland”.

    much love to rowland. xx

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