Nick Cave, Vicar Street, Oct 2009

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and Martyn P. Casey @ Vicar Street
Dublin, Ireland (12 October 2009)

Hold on to Yourself

Lime Tree Arbour

Into My Arms

Tx to HandJobFilms (go to their channel to view the entire set)


9 thoughts on “Nick Cave, Vicar Street, Oct 2009

  1. Hello Wolf. I was going off of an interview I read where Nick said they wanted to go in a totally different direction with the next Grinderman album than the first. I already posted what I hope that means, but hey, who knows. I won’t lie, the first Grinderman album is a guilty pleasure of mine!

  2. Vinny, I don’t think this is Grinderman’s style. That’s the point, I think. I hope more of these wonderful ballads will emerge on the next Bad Seeds album.

    Devin, I know you like heavier stuff. I chose these selections to comfort the many fans who are grieving for Rowland S. Howard. These are the Nick Cave songs that bring comfort to human souls overwhelmed by loss and despair. Many of us, myself included, came to know and love Nick’s music in our darkest hours, in times of tremendous sorrow. I might not be here if not for ‘Father Nick’. (God Bless him!)

    • I find many of Nick’s most deeply affecting songs are the slower ones. That’s what I love about him. He can whip you into a frenzy one minute and comfort your grieving soul the next. 😀
      Lime Tree Arbour is one of my favs. And Into My Arms is the all-time “somebody has died, please make me feel better, Nick” classic 🙂
      Gotta say I wasn’t nuts about Hold On To Yourself when DLD first came out, but not I freakin’ love it.
      Nice choices!

      PS: Morgan, many thanks for the blogroll link 😉 That made me really happy!

      • Hey Laura, thanks for putting it so well. Nick Cave’s music is like the Bible or virtually any Holy Book. All you have to do is open up one of his ‘volumes’ to a random song. In more cases than not, something will come up that you need to hear.

        There was a time when I suffered, not from a broken love affair, but that’s the beauty of Nick’s songs. It didn’t matter. I needed to hear songs that gave me permission to cry. It was the only way to get rid of the emotion that built up everyday. In fact, I made a playlist of selections from Boatman’s Call and No More Shall We Part. Every night, headphones on, I lay down in my bed and cried me a river. What I lacked in faith and hope, Nick had in abundance. WORD.

        When DLD came out, I was in a happy place and really enjoyed the upbeat and crazy funk of it, even though I didn’t feel a soul connection to it. That’s okay. Like Melbourne Deb says, you take what he has to offer, and sometimes you put it aside, because something else speaks to you. It’s always there, waiting. Here’s an anecdote you’ll appreciate since you know my living situation:

        A couple of weeks ago, I took DLD downstairs to play on the kitchen’s mini-stereo. I’m dancing like a fool to Lie Down Here (and be my girl) and my roommate bursts in yelling, “Don’t tell me you put Nick F*cking Cave on the kitchen stereo!” I hollered (so she could hear me over the din) “YOU GODDAMN RIGHT!” Then I turned it up really loud and shook my ass right in her face. It was a beautiful thang. (Thanks, Nick.) 😀

        The blogroll link? De nada, Chica. I would have advertised your new blog with a big fat tuba player video but I figured you didn’t really want the ooom-pa-pa. :DDDDDDD

        See, ya start out sad, and ya end up glad. That’s our Nick. The guys are crapping their pants, right? That can’t be HER man! Wolfmoonlady don’t like DLD. Dudes, I have my moments when I am happily catapulted into the party-zone of DLD and dig mahself. 😛

        • ROTFL good for you for shakin’ your thang in the name of Nick Cave 😀 I think I’d go nuts living with someone who didn’t like Nick. Or, rather, I’d drive them nuts and make myself mildly annoyed in the process.

          I like the Nick-as-Bible analogy. Perfect. That’s how I’ve been trying to explain it to people. I usually say “You see, no matter what mood you’re in, what you feel like hearing, where you are, etc, there’s a Nick song for it. Or I dunno, 20.”


          I don’t feel a soul connection to DLD or Grinderman although I enjoy them very much. Yep, like Deb said you take what he has to offer, etc. Sometimes a long while later I’ll find myself loving something that didn’t speak to me before, so who knows…


          • Recent responses to Lie Down Here, Today’s Lesson, Midnight Man:
            *Nick sounds like Neil Diamond (but not in a bad way).
            *Nick mumbles his words but it still sounds good with the guitar.
            To DLD, overall:
            *Well, I can see how some people might like it.


  3. Hey, Grinderman minus one 🙂 Oh man, I would love for the next Grinderman album to be like this piano ballad stuff.

    • I’d like it to be hard and raw and WEIRD. Just because the more piano-heavy albums of NC&tBS are my least favorites (Lyre of Orpheus and No More Shall We Part). He writes amazing ballads, but if it was an album of just stuff like that, I think I’d go nuts.

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