A very special fix …

In memory of Rowland S. Howard (1959 – 2009)

Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard – somewhere East of Eden

Special video ‘fix’ under the page cut…

‘The Last Birthday Party’

A documentary of the final recording sessions by the The Birthday Party

Filmed at Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, April 1983

Director: Heiner Mühlenbrock

Subject: The Birthday Party’s Mutiny Sessions

Location: Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, April 1983

Cast: Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey, Tracy Pew, Blixa Bargeld

DVD is available @ The Birthday Party’s Official Shop

6 thoughts on “A very special fix …

    • We’re trying once again, Anna. 🙂 I’ve been moving these files all afternoon and it’s not much fun. Grrrrr. F**k third party video hosts. There, I’ve said it. Again. 😀 One failure so far – it’s a nail biting situation. Me no likeee.

  1. You are welcome, Danielle.

    Folks, I seriously recommend purchasing The Last Birthday Party while it is still available at a reasonable price. My uploads (highly compressed mp4 clips) cannot compare to the original film.

    Andrea – If not for those shadowy entities lurking in the caverns of the Nick Cave Fixes Vaults, I couldn’t do it.

    Marty – thank you for the link to Rockman (a total Stones freak!)

    Off-topic mumble:
    Those ‘possibly related’ ‘auto-generated’ posts titles are hilariously incongruent; others flat-out imcomprehensible.

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