Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – 500 Miles (Brazil 1989)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – 500 Miles (first live performance) Sao Paolo, 15 April 1989

NOTE: Nick sees Viviane Carneiro at the 14 April 1989 show. The 15 April show was broadcast on Brazilian TV, one possible source for these audio trax.

BOOTLEG FIX: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Live in Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1989-04-15
(re-sampled @320 kpbs, 119 mb .rar file, with cover art). *removed by host*

Set list (include 4 spoken word tracks):
01 From Her To Eternity
02 Spoken Words 1
03 Deanna
04 City Of Refuge
05 Spoken Words 2
06 The Mercy Seat
07 Five Hundred Miles
08 Spoken Words 3
09 Jacks Shadow
10 Sugar Sugar Sugar
11 Black Betty
12 Train Long Suffering
13 Muddy Water
14 Spoken Words 4
15 Saint Huck
16 New Morning

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7 thoughts on “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – 500 Miles (Brazil 1989)

    • No prob 🙂
      Collector’s Hell says it was actually first played in Feb 1987 – so you know…gotta decide which source to go with. CH or…Nick. It’s a toss up!
      I have a bootleg of the 87 show CH mentions but it doesn’t contain all the tracks played, and no 500 Miles.

  1. Yep, 4-15-89 is when Nick announces it’s the first time they’ve played 500 miles live, and indeed the whole show was recorded and broadcast on Brazilian TV, with brief Nick interview segments intercut between the live songs. It was followed by an interview special with a Brazilian TV host on the same date.

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