Nick Cave – Dandy clips

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nick Cave – City Of Refuge

Nick Cave – The Moon
Tx to NowLeaveMeNowGo

Dandy- A film by Peter Sempel – (Director’s notes)

Nick Cave Blixa Bargeld, Berlin 1988, Dandy premiere*

*TX to Caro@ Nick Cave Collection, for the rare photo. Magnificent.

*BLIXA FANS: Visit Seele Brennt – a Blixa/Neubauten tribute, trivia, discussion blog


5 thoughts on “Nick Cave – Dandy clips

  1. Hi Ladies, Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day. I’m glad you enjoyed the music and the graphic. Thanks again, Ellen, for your creative magic. I love that particular image! Yes, lots going on over at Seele Brennt. I’ll be back to this post because there is so much more to say about Dandy. 😉

  2. I’m back after visiting my hometown for a couple of days. It was nice coming back to some updates both here and in the Seele Brent-blog. 🙂 And I must say that Valentine Nick is looking good.

  3. and a very happy valentines day to you too morgan. 🙂

    a perfect choice of “somethings gotten hold of my heart”.
    it bloodywell sure has!!

    thank you mah dear. 🙂


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