Celebrating Nick & Blixa (Pt 1)

Today’s Fix celebrates the friendship and musical collaboration of Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld. First, two short clips from ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, Bram Van Splunteren’s 1987 documentary on Nick Cave. In Clip #1, Nick talks about Blixa’s contribution and how he feels about his friend and the Bad Seeds lineup, circa 1987  (includes a tiny bit from the rehearsal room in Berlin). In Clip #2, Blixa describes his contribution to the Bad Seeds as an untrained musician (clip 2 is no longer online, sorry)

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Nick & Blixa (Pt 1)

  1. Thats greeeeat, thank you 😀

    I hope my question is not stupid, but: Is there any possibility to buy “Stranger in a Strange Land”, is there a DVD available (I also have an oldschool-player for vhs-cassettes, so that would be ok too ;))?

    • Hi Anna, “Stranger in a Strange Land” is a documentary film made for VPRO-TV in Holland and was never (that I know of) sold through retail outlets. BTW: Here’s a clip from ‘Stranger’ of Mick playing the piano melody of Your Funeral, My Trial (tx to Caroline)

      • Thank you 😀

        What a pity, the film seems to be very interesting, the scenes in the rehearsalroom are great 😀

        So you only get it if you trade right? Damn, i think i have no rare things for trading. Maybe at the next concert I try something *laughs*

  2. Hi sus,

    According to Blixa, he wanted to devote his time to Einstuerzende Neubauten. They were (in 2003) embarking on the Supporter’s Project and that required his full attention. Also, he married in 2000 and I’m sure that whatever time he had off he wanted to spend it with his wife, Erin. Their daughter Anna is now two years old.

    Glad you enjoy Nick Fixes. If you like Blixa/EN, you have to check out our latest blog project, Seele Brennt, : http://seelebrennt.wordpress.com/

  3. Yeah, who would not have wanted to hang out in SO36 in Kreuzberg in 1987. I did not know of this documentary ‘Stranger in a strange land’….cool. Do you guys know why Blixa left the band and if there is a real story behind it. Blixa does not appear with the band in the collection of Bad Seeds videos and in other documentaries he seems very…I dont know..on his own. I really like your blog btw

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