These pics of Nick and Blixa are by Tanzbrunnen, 22 August 1992, most likely from the Die Haut ‘Sweat’ Tour. (Do not reblog without photographer permission & credit, please.)

Prolly best to issue a *faint* warning…


Tx to Halciion for harvesting!



10 thoughts on “NICKY & BLIXA EYE CANDY – 1992

  1. no.1 for me. not that i am knocking no’s 2, 3 and 4 mind. i love to see nick in the throes. i always loved that black see thru shirt on him as well. 🙂 -well better when it is undone so you get the no.3 view…………*dreamy………..

  2. You are welcome, Ladies. I was shocked to see photos from the ‘Sweat’ tour. An amazing find. Just what we needed for Spring Break, hah? 😉

    Little Janey, I hear you, re: Jonesin’ for G-man. Hope this helps for now. 😉

    Grinderman Summercase Barcelona 2008

    Grinderman (I don´t need you) to set me free

    Grinderman – No Pussy Blues – Electric Picnic 2008 (Laois, Ireland)

    Grinderman – Get It On – Electric Picnic 2008

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