Nick Cave – Under the stars …

Hi Folks, we are back on this delightfully warm spring day with a summer concert fix from 2008’s Dig Lazarus Dig tour. Check the comments for audio downloads.  Also, keep an eye on the Bulletin Board  – you never know what fixes might show up there.  Cheers!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Moonland (live)
Zagreb, Croatia 3 June 2008

Summer tour 2008 recollection:As for Mr Cave, well I wrote to the paper saying ‘never before had an Aussie bloke with a receding hairline, a polyester suit and brown loafers done so much for womankind in one night’. Needless to say they didn’t print it. Anyway he was fantastic – a really professional performer – and a sex god. And the band were just fantastic – especially Warren Ellis who’s a right nutter …– Deborah Forsyth (Vivid mag, Romania, posted 28-05-2009)

*Tx to our friend Ved76 for the clips. Fyi: View the entire Zagreb concert here !!!

Nick Cave Interview – 2008 (on Berlin & the writing process)


5 thoughts on “Nick Cave – Under the stars …

      • I am glad you found it, ena. Rather than embedding all the links, I prefer to post the YouTube Playlist link. That way, the uploader gets traffic on their own channel. In future, I will post info in a larger font as it often gets overlooked.

        • well…that’s just me…When I saw the post I left it for latter cause I was so exited, so I didn’t see the post good enough. I just wanted to say that you are amazing and thanks for everything 🙂 (and yes, I tipped my first name with an noncapital first latter…or how do you say that…anyway).

  1. From now on, I will be dropping fix links in the comments section or on the Bulletin Board. These are items I come across in my travels around the WWW and I’m happy to pass them along to you all. Fyi: I usually test each link before posting but always scan your downloads with an anti-virus program, just in case. Also, most uploaded files are compressed and you will need Win Rar to extract them.

    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Live at Brussels, Forest National, May 1, 2008
    Part 1 , Part 2

    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Live at Berlin, Tempodrome May 21, 2008 LINK DOWN, check later

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