Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Crazy Rock

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Crazy Rock Festival – 27 Nov 1996
Santiago Chile

1. Black Betty (HQ)

2. Stagger Lee (HQ)

Rest of setlist + link info under the page cut.

3. From Her to Eternity (HQ)

4. Red Right Hand (interrupted) (HQ)

5. Loverman (HQ)

6. The Ship Song (HQ)

7. The Willow Garden (HQ)

8. The Mercy Seat (HQ)

For Nick Cave interview, please visit pvblovideos YouTube Channel.

Text file with links and setlist info:


6 thoughts on “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Crazy Rock

  1. I went to this concert when I was 13 I think. Almost everybody there (including myself) went to see Cypress Hill. All I remember is that I thought that Nick Cave and the bad seeds sucked although I felt bad for him getting that rain of saliva. Live you could really see that, dozens of spitballs per second really glimmered in the spotlights. Cypress Hill was awsome afterwards. Didn´t make any sense to put other bands with Cypress Hill´s first apperance in CHile (90% of people in the hall went to see Cypress.)


  2. Morgan, this is really awesome! I’m Chilean and I’m very embarrassed by the behavior that took my compatriots with Mr. Cave. They spat at Nick many times during the concert, and then he retired.
    Thank you very much for post this!!!!

  3. The problem was that the public launched saliva to the setting, what got mad to Nick. I was there. Pardon by my badly English one.

  4. Oh, no problem, i do not expect to get an answer on everything 😉 I just laughed at myself a bit because it took me 3 comments to say what i wanted 😀

    Really, really great stuff this videos, thanks to everybody!

  5. April 9, 2010 at 1:50 PM | #17

    Anna, sorry about not responding. I had a social thing going on. I guess nobody else feels like talking. I’m glad you enjoyed Crazy Rock. You don’t often get to see “Willow Garden” live. FYI: I’m going to move this conversation thread to the main page because the comments don’t nest correctly on the BB. *DONE*

    Info, thx to Maurice at Collector’s Hell:

  6. Anna’s comments, copied from the Bulletin Board:

    April 9, 2010 at 5:32 AM | #14
    Oh that video is totally great. Whats wrong with him and the audience? He seems to be really mad to some extent…throwing his microphone away, leaving the stage during “Red Right Hand” and calling someone “Ugly little fucker” ;D Great

    April 9, 2010 at 5:34 AM | #15
    oh this should be an answer for the “Crazy Rock Festival” video, i`m sorry, i clicked the wrong button.

    April 9, 2010 at 5:43 AM | #16
    Ahaha talking to myself

    I read it at Collectors Hell, really fucked audience calling for Cypress Hill *g*

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