Nick Cave – ‘Let Love In’ (1994)

Yet another person recently told me that ‘Let Love In’ is their favorite Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album. I like it when people use the word ‘favorite’ rather than ‘best’. To name a favorite album and then share details about what it meant when you first heard it and why you keep listening can be a revelatory exercise. Preaching to the converted here, I realize, but you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Nick Cave album. I’ve said before that the MTV Most Wanted performances of ‘I Let Love In’ and ‘Mercy Seat’ are among my all time 1990s favorites.  I love the camera’s shifting focus between spotlighted/sunglassed Nick to the blue profile of Conway Savage — who issues a sublime backing vocal. Following is a stripped down version of ‘The Mercy Seat’.  No intro necessary.  Check comments for ‘fix’ info.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – I Let Love In (MTV ‘Most Wanted’ 1994)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat (MTV ‘Most Wanted’ 1994)




* Nick Cave Interview – Australian Style (1994)
Download Text File copy

* Nick Cave Interview – Revue (1994)



Today’s fix is Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ‘Stripped’ (1994 Tour EP).

 – The Mercy Seat

 – City of Refuge

 – Deanna



Tx to Brisbane Bob at Striped Sunlight for putting together that fix from 2008. 

Stop by to thank him, and check out his excellent blog.

 Have a great evening and weekend!

Cheers, Morgan

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3 thoughts on “Nick Cave – ‘Let Love In’ (1994)

  1. I love the use of “favorite” also. My favorites are Tender Prey, which was the last BS album I bought (cuz for some reason no one seemed to ever have it, and I REFUSED to get any of his albums online, as opposed to in a store…just because it took longer that way). I love its aggression, its lyrics, its intensity. RAWR.

    And Dig!!! is my second favorite, because I preordered it from OZ to get it earlier than the States, AND he performed most of it at the show I saw on 09/22/08. WOOT!

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