Nick & Blixa, Istanbul 2001

Nick & Blixa, Istanbul, 9 July 2001, by Nezhi (Headcleaner)
The marvelous photo of Nick & Blixa was shot by our friend, Nezhi (Headcleaner), who was present at the concert.  Halloo to Istanbul & all the Nick & Neubauten fans!

(post edited 4 sep 2010)


10 thoughts on “Nick & Blixa, Istanbul 2001

  1. Umut I took this picture in 9 July 2001 No more shall we part tour and Nick also plays at the same venue in 19th of september 2004 (without Bad Seeds).

    Halciion I was also in press conference at marmara hotel. I know Reyhan was there too with some russian friends.

    Greetings from Istanbul

    • Hi Nezih. I confused the concert in which these photos were taken. I think it was a jazz festival and i could not attend but i was in Harbiye Open Air concert in 2004. Anyway great photos indeed. And i guess that i saw the photo of the subject in a turkish blog called headcleaner belonging to an oldschool nick cave and the bad seeds and neubauten fan. Great post indeed. Thanks again.

  2. Oh boys.. What an excellent concert it was. Nick said that he would come within two years but it has been six years since that concert. Just as Jesus Christ, Nick has not still returned 🙂 Thanks for the post. Best wishes from İstanbul..

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