Grinderman 2 – Reviews & Press Blitz

Grinderman 2: Interviews, Articles & Reviews (just a sample of the G-man press blitz.  Keep an eye on  the Bulletin Board for more links  & goodie alerts)

Grinderman interview with singer Nick Cave and drummer Jim Sclavunos.
By Jordan Zivitz, Montreal Gazette September 10, 2010

Cave: Yeah, we certainly wanted to expand the possibilities of what we could do with our music. And now I really want to go in and do a Grinderman 3 record. Actually, what I really want to do now is do a new Bad Seeds record. But certainly, Grinderman now are an ongoing story.

Extremely informative interview. More discussion about the future line-up of The Bad Seeds:

Nick’s responses to various ex-Bad Seeds returning to the fold:
Ed Kuepper: “I’d be honoured if Ed would come in and play. ”
Blixa Bargeld: “I would quite happily have Blixa back if he wanted to come back.”
Mick Harvey: “I think it would be beneficial for everybody at this moment if Mick did something else.”

The finality of Mick Harvey’s departure is clear. Interesting to see them acknowledge the negative fan reactions to the solo shows and to G-man performing Bad Seeds songs rather badly. (Somebody was listening.)  For those who haven’t read or heard the story, there is an amusing recounting of Blixa’s final ‘meltdown’ with the band during the “I Feel So Good” session and Blixa’s memorable exit line: “I didn’t get into rock ‘n’ roll to play rock ‘n’ roll.”

Grinderman is more than a side project: Nick Cave
The Irish Independent by Eamon Sweeney”

To continue with the process of all this, for me personally, is about songwriting and finding new and different ways to construct and form songs,” Nick begins. “One of the ways to do that is to transform yourself. Maybe transform is the wrong word … you change, but you still stay true to what you do and the themes and obsessions that you write about. For me, they’ve always stayed the same and Grinderman is another way to look at the same kinds of things since day one.”


Grinderman Get Down & Dirty With Second Album
Julian Marszalek @ Spinner, September 10, 2010

What kind of artistic freedoms does Grinderman give you that the ‘day job’ doesn’t?

NC: For me, the entire process is different. I mean, I’ve got to start writing the new Bad Seeds record and that means going to the office, sitting on my own with a blank piece of paper and starting to write lyrics and with Grinderman, I get to bypass all of that. Grinderman is just a joyful experience because I don’t have to approach original creation all by myself. With Grinderman, I’m shifting responsibility. But it’s really important to me to go through that writing process [for the Bad Seeds] and just sit down and write the considered songs that I do. These are songs that are really important to me and I feel it’s a duty to continue to do that.

JS: Because there are four of us involved with Grinderman, we communicate differently with each other than we would in the Bad Seeds. The rapport is more instantaneous and we write more intuitively. It’s a more compact band.

Given your ferocious work rates, are you more aware of your mortality and the need to produce new pieces?

NC: I’ll retire one day when the family are long gone! I’ll sit on a beach in Thailand and it’ll be great. But at the moment, I really enjoy what I’m doing and it’s something that I can’t do without but one day I’m going to dispense with the whole lot.


One last thang….

Tx to Caroline @ Nick Cave Collection for the link.

Click the pic and download your own copy from the ArtRocker site. 😉

16 thoughts on “Grinderman 2 – Reviews & Press Blitz

  1. 9/17/10 NME Grinderman Interview Pt 1

    NME Grinderman Interview Pt 2

    Just keep your eyes on Martyn P. Casey and Warren Ellis. *Tripping* You’ll laugh your ass off. ;D:D:D What time of day was this? How many interviews? Crispy critters. Well, I should talk. Friday night, almost 9 pm. Time to hit the pub.

  2. The older he gets, the sexier. Or something. WTH IS UP WITH THE SHIRTLESS PICTURE?! I can’t breathe now, thanks.

    I have to wait for my Grinderman CD/LP/print to get here from England. *pouts* I REFUSE to hear it on anything other than vinyl the first time.

  3. I don’t think we’ll ever see another No More Shall We Part. That’s a once in a life time album, when Nick was coming out of possibly the lowest point of his life (finally kicking them drugs). You have to walk through a million miles of muck to come out with an album like that. And from what I’ve read, everything is coming up roses for Nick.
    In a way, it’s a good thing, because I’d never wish on anyone to have to suffer so harshly to create something so beautiful.
    Can’t wait to hear the new Grinderman album. The first one was incredible, hope this one is just as good.
    And I for one, am glad to see Nick has ditched the, as I refer to it as, the ‘dad stache.” It didn’t suit him. The handlebars, yes, very yum, but not the dad stache.

    • I agree with you. NMSWP is not my favourite album, but its a masterpiece and of course there won`t be a record like that again. Maybe thats not so bad as I like it how different Nicks works are to each other. It makes it very interesting and he never gets boring to me although I can`t like every record as much as I like G-Man 2 now or one of my all-time favourites “Your Funeral, My Trial” of course, but I think thats really normal when an artist is so changeable 😉

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