Mick Harvey intervew + more

Drowned in Sound scores a coup with their Mick Harvey interview. Kudos to Sam Kinchin-Smith! Brilliant! Here’s an extract relevant to our previous Mick Harvey post. A must-read!

“I said to Nick, after Grinderman, “how’s this going to work? It’s inevitable that attitudes and aspects of what’s happening with Grinderman are going to come into this project.” And he was like [deadly serious voice] ‘no, I don’t want it to be like that, I want it to be like really [karate chopping] y’know, divided, and then it’s going to be back to a Bad Seeds record” and I was just thinking “how’s that going to work?” But by the time it got to the eve of the record he was like [screechy voice] “no no we’re gonna, y’know, aaarrgh” and he’d completely realised – his head was just in a different place.”

“A new album is inevitably what it is, you can work with that. But the way it affected the way we were playing some of the older songs – I wasn’t too happy about it. It was the attitude that had come into play of, “we’ll just bang it out,” as though that was what was good about what we were doing. And actually, that’s just a dumbed-down version. I didn’t really like that. I thought it was a waste – I see playing live and playing that material as an opportunity to do something exciting and challenging, rather than just trimming it down and bashing through it like it’s some kind of stadium rock song. Just didn’t really seem to be relevant to the Bad Seeds’ back-catalogue. I don’t think the Bad Seeds are actually even good at doing that sort of thing.” GO TO ARTICLE

Don’t miss DiS’s review of the last four Bad Seeds reissues, also by Sam Kinchen-Smith (extract follows):

Context isn’t all this lovingly assembled material is good for, however. There is enormous pleasure to be had in listening to Blixa Bargeld go on about some ‘Minister of Interior’ who ‘died of an amyl-nitrate filled orange being in his mouth and he had a plastic bag over his head and he suffocated in the process of self-inflicted masturbational excess’ in order to ‘explain’ something entirely unrelated to what everybody else is talking about. And then see John Hillcoat talk affectionately about the real problems he had hypnotising Blixa for one video (Blixa eventually hypnotised himself) and teaching him to line-dance for another. And then watch all the Bad Seeds enthusiastically grooving, like sleazy dads in tank-tops and sunglasses, throughout a solid 80 percent of their videos. It’s remarkable, incidentally, that anybody who sat through a Nineties Bad Seeds video thought of the band as anything other than hilarious, however creepy the songs. GO TO ARTICLE.

Mick Harvey’s Sketches..

Last and certainly not least, I wanted to mention Sketches from the Book of the Dead, Mick Harvey’s most recent release. October Boy, written for Rowland S. Howard, is simply heartbreaking – the album’s finest track. (Review) Here’s a live clip:

Mick Harvey (live) Oxford Art Factory, October Boy (13-5-11)
Tx to biddyboosh


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